Pikachu and Raichu Add-on for Minecraft Pe

This addon has added Pikachu and Raichu into Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you like Pokémon, you shouldn’t miss this addon! Tame Pikachu and keep it as your faithful companion. This will be even more amazing when you feed Pikachu an emerald, you can evolve Pikachu into Raichu! Let them use unleash powerful thunder shocks to protect you from all enemies.

Cre: Gona, Twitter

How to tame Pikachu

The Pig has replaced by Pikachu, you can find them spawning naturally in the overworld. To tame Pikachu, feed them carrots, beetroots or potatoes. There are have a 33% chance to tame them.

You will meet some baby Pikachu. To tame them, you need to feed it until it’s an adult. When Pikachu is tamed, they will follow you around and protect you



Neutral (attacks only if attacked)
Melee attack: 4 attack damage
Health: 8 hearts
Hostile towards monsters
Attacks if the player attacks
Melee attack: 5
Health: 20 hearts
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Health: 4 hearts
Health: 6 hearts

How to Evolution Pikachu into Raichu?

To evolve into Raichu, you tame the Pikachu, then feed it a Thunder Stone (emerald)

  • Health: 30 hearts
  • Attack damage: 8


Pikachu and Raichu are naturally hostile with hostile mobs. If you attack friendly mobs, it will also help you to kill them

Pikachu attack:

  • Thunder Shock: It requires the enemy far Pikachu more than 4 blocks
  • Quick attack (tail whip):
    • Melee attack: It will take in action if the mob is proximity.
    • Attack damage: 8

Raichu attack:

  • Thunderbolt: Sequence of three thunderbolts in a row
  • It’s more powerful and has time for battle.

Pokémon are very friendly with their species. They will attack each other if it accidentally hits one.

Downloads Pikachu and Raichu

1. Behavior Pack .McPack

2. Resource Pack .McPack

3. You can get Zip file here: Pikachu and Raichu

Or you can Downloads all file here: Pikachu & Raichu

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