EDungeons: The Dragon Altar [Addons, World, etc.] Chapter 1

The Dragon Altar is the first chapter of the series EDungeons adventure, the theme of this build is an underground cave. In this world, Dragon protects the earth, but it’s the first chap and the difficulty level is Level-AlHaQ.

Creator: EuForia_AlhaQ

SET YOUR OWN KITS (Recommended)

The story about this map is the story of the underground world in the past, so back then the magical world really existed and was not a good thing, therefore humans tried to stop everything.

This is a story of the human adventures in conquering a fairy tale, and The Dragon Altar if the first gateway to magical things.

The Dragon Altar is a very large map, requires high specifications to play it. But don’t worry, if your device is not sufficient, just reduce the rendering distance to 6.


  • Play with your friends (Party Required)
  • Use strategy
  • Try to win without cheats, or anything else.


  • Download the world, addon, and texture pack (Recommended)
  • Verify Captcha
  • Click Free Access with Ads
  • Red The Article
  • Continue
  • Add to your Minecraft
  • Enjoy with your friends


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