Weed Flora | Addon Minecraft PE

Do you think there’s a lot of Weed Flora in Minecraft Vanilla?

Would you like to add some natural beauty to your world?

So, in this Complement, I’ve included some flowers to provide some color to your world.

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Cre: asdjkl.key

Weed Flora Feature

At the very least, you must have Beta version Activate all Game functionalities and experiment to ensure that the Addons work properly.

So here’s what he adds to the list of flowers:

They all thrive all over the planet. Some biomes are unique (From left to right)

  • Aloe_vera: [biome]: taiga, block =Podzol
  • Blood_orchid: [biome]:swamp, blocks=grass
  • Chamomile: [biome]: jungle, block =grass
  • Cloudsbluff: [biome]: overworld
  • Cohosh: [biome]: taiga, block =Podzol
  • Ginseng: [biome]: overworld
  • Marsh_mallow: [biome] : swamp
  • Nasturtium: biome overworld

All of these grow in the overworld:

  • Cosmos orange
  • Cosmos yellow
  • Geranium pink
  • Geranium red
  • Lobelia blue
  • Lobelia light
  • Lupinorange
  • Lupinpurp
  • Zinnia magenta
  • Zinnia Mix
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Some addons Minecraft PE you maybe like in Mcpeaddons.com

Gladiolas are a type of flower that grows in the bosm.

These are the two mushrooms that the addition brings to the table.

*Deathstalk mushroom (Be careful not to eat it because it is poisonous.)

Here are some examples of how flowers bloom around the world.

That’s all I have to say about it. Thank you for using my addons and I hope you enjoy them.

Check out the change log.

*Mushroom Mooncap


  • Flowers now spawn as Minecraft features, rather than entities.
  • Some blocks and things that were deemed unneeded were removed.
mcpeaddons download



Download weed Flora (BP) 

Download weed Flora (RP)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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