Fish´s Undead Rising (Bedrock) (Second Beta Phase)

Fish´s Undead Rising addon is a java mod that was ported to bedrock with the permission of the original author, fish0016054. It adds a variety of creatures, items, and blocks that will be updated with each update.

Cre: Petergamer XD (Youtube, Twitter)

Fish´s Undead Rising

Author’s permission:

Fish´s Undead Rising

Here I will put the link of the original mod, all the credits for it:

Original mod

Fish´s Undead Rising’s Mobs

Mycosis is a hostile mob with behavior similar to that of a zombie, and it can sometimes emerge with weapons or other items. Mycosis has the potential to poison you in a radius of 2 blocks, making it dangerous. It has a bright blue mushroom version, and it can be found in the swamp and cave biomes.

The Frigid is a hostile mob that slows down when it strikes you, forcing you to dodge it. If you activate experimental mode, the Frigid will arrive with a weapon, and it only appears in freezing biomes.

Sludge Lord: The sludge lord is a hostile mob that will attack both the player and the villager. It has multiple attack types and can summon lil’sludge. It can be found in the swamp biome.

Lil’Sludge: A hostile and tame mob, lil’sludge will only exist if summoned by the sludge lord or the pestilence wand.

The undertaker is a mob that is formed by the world and has a chance of emerging. It has the power to summon four unburieds with weapons and can raid an entire hamlet if there is no golem.

The Unburied are a mob that can only be called by an Undertaker or the Midnight Morne.

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Fish´s Undead Rising’s Items

Fish´s Undead Rising

Wand of Pestilence: The wand of pestilence is a staff that summons a lil sludge and is mended 25% with silky sludge, with the following explication.

Midnight Mourne is a melee weapon that deals 6 damage and heals for 25% with Undying Heart, as well as summoning 4 unburieds.

Intestine: This is a mob-dropped object from which you can get random items if you open it.

Fish´s Undead Rising

The Frozen Dagger is a 6 damage dagger that may be created as follows.

Fish´s Undead Rising

Frozen Thigh is a melee weapon that may be eaten and deals 8 damage.

Fish´s Undead Rising
Fish´s Undead Rising

Shattered Ice is a consumable item that can also be utilized in crafting.

Fish´s Undead Rising

Sludgelord and Undertaker drop Undying Heart, which is utilized in various crafting.

Fish´s Undead Rising

Fish´s Undead Rising

Hyphae: It’s a type of hyphae that’s utilized in crafts like the one above.

Fish´s Undead Rising

Silky sludge is a type of sludge that is used in crafts like the one described above.

Fish´s Undead RisingFish´s Undead Rising

Cordy can be planted, as well as Glow Shroom, which is dropped by mycosis.

Any bug report on our discord server:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


ESTEBAN1303YT modeler, Petergamer XD encoder.



  • Removed the piranha, swarner and ptera.
  • Added the unburied and undertaker.
  • Loot added to mobs.
  • Mob models have been improved.
mcpeaddons download

Download Fish´s Undead Rising (Mediafire)

Download Fish´s Undead Rising (Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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