Ao Oni Addon [Scary] | The Blue Demon

The green demons are so scary that it is none other than Ao Oni Addon. With this Addon, the author brings extremely creepy people to Minecraft. Check them out in the pictures below. What are you waiting for without downloading this Ao Oni Addon right away?

Creator: ColdHali

What is Ao Oni Addon?

Ao Oni is a blue demon who terrorizes us in the game, even though this game is over 10 years old. This Game which has been released on PC and mobile still scares us with surprises and other things.

I’m sure those of you who play Nico next bot are familiar with this, right? 

Ao Oni Addon

What can Ao Oni Addon do?

  • They can chase you over long distances 
  • Can climb the wall 
  • Can open the door 
  • Walk on water and lava 
  • Can go into the narrow gap 
  • And Unkillable (even with /kill)

There are 33 onis in this addon and I can’t show it because its SPOILER

Ao Oni Addon

I also added Mika, Takeshi, Hiroshi, and Takuro here. They will panic if there is a monster nearby

Ao Oni Addon

Ao Oni Addon

Ao Oni Addon Ao Oni Addon Ao Oni Addon Ao Oni Addon Ao Oni Addon

Note :

You can’t kill them with a command you have to kill them in Creative mode, if you use a command to kill them it will make them can’t be killed forever, the solution must throw a potion of harm at them.

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Ao Oni Addon

Download Ao Oni Addon

Download Behavior Pack

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Minecraft Furniture Mod

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