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Need some more challenges? Well, CHBoss addon added 2 bosses the Santa mecha and winterween tree now here’s the details.

Creator: Astrokylo1

CHBoss addon

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The first boss here in CHBoss Addon is:

Santa mecha

CHBoss Addon

Santa mecha is an machine build by the rebelled elf, Santa mecha attack by shooting snowbomb and summoning 2 elfpilot at a time Santa mecha have an 150 HP point

To summon Santa mecha you need an item called 3d recall cookies and here is how to craft it:

CHBoss Addon
CHBoss Addon

Santa mecha loot:

Here are the item drop by santa mecha

Present box & explosive box

CHBoss Addon

Placed when santa mecha is killed present box contain a wood type, a tool, and an ore while explosive box only spawn tnt when destroyed

Candy cane

CHBoss Addon

Candy cane can be used as a sword and dealing 18 damage points and also having 2461 drability points

Santa hat

CHBoss Addon

Although it look comfy dont make it look, trick you it has one of the best stat with over 25 defend point. but if its strong with its defend it lack with it durability as it only have 346 durabiity point so be smart on how you’re using it

Sacko summon

CHBoss Addon
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Sacko summon is an summon item for sacko ,here the details about sacko itself


Sacko is an entity that can help you with inventory problem as this little fella is basically a walking chest with 50 hp but in order to access sacko invenory you need to tame it first with glass of milk, here how to make a glass of milk

CHBoss Addon

Elf pilot

CHBoss Addon

The crew that operate Santa mecha it spawned by Santa mecha and have stat fairly similar with the player

WinterWeen tree

CHBoss Addon

A cursed, angry Christmas that is looking to avenge for its fallen brothers. with 200 HP and both melee and range attack be sure you are prepared before battling this boss

To summon winterween tree you need a cursed saplings seeds, placing it then destroying the saplings (in block form) LootHere are the item dropped by winterween tree


CHBoss Addon

The leaf of winterween tree can be thrown to deal 10 damage point have infinite ammo


CHBoss Addon

A Magical staff that shoot Magical projectile that when hit an object it summon a small rain of Snowball while also dealing 15 damage

Sled item

CHBoss Addon

Summon the sled entity


A red sled that can be used as vehicles and transportation, it drop sled item when killed

That’s it for now I am planning to update the add-on later on, for now enjoy it and have a good time bye😃

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CHBoss Addon
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CHBoss Addon

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