The Mello Gang (Marshmello) Skin Pack

Have you ever wanted to run around Minecraft as Marshmellos? No problem! Host your own Mello Gang concerts as these 8 Marshmello skins. Featuring six existing forms of Marshmello, and two custom ones.

Creator: DarthKillliverse

The Mello Gang (Marshmello) Skin Pack

This skin pack includes 8 total skins

Featuring 6 existing Marshmellos:

  • Marshmello
  • Disco Marshmello
  • Alone Marshmello
  • Chef Marshmello
  • Fortnite Marshmello
  • Disco Fortnite Marshmello

Including 2 custom Marshmellos:

  • Happier Marshmello
  • Dark Fortnite Marshmello


  • Updated the download file due to feedback that it wasn’t working and extended the description


  • Firstly, Download the Marshmello skin pack
  • Secondly, Find your pack in your folder s (It should have a grass block icon)
  • And the last, click on it and enjoy your new pack!
mcpeaddons download

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