Funiversian Militaries Skin Pack for Minecraft Pe (10+ Skins)

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Funiversian Militaries Skin pack is added 13 different skins. All are inspired by military skin between the 1940s and 1950s. Thank you for viewing this skin pack and hope you enjoy it

Cre: Funiverse Minnesota, Twitter

13 Skins – Funiversian Militaries Skin

Funiversian Troop & Pilot

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Funiversian Troop is based on WW2 era United States Military Police uniform

Funiversian Pilot is based on Cold War-era United States Airforce flight suit

Auberian Troop & Tanker

Auberian Troop is based on the Vietnam era United States Marines uniform. Auberian Tanker is based on the WW2 era Soviet Tanker uniform

Pommetopian Troop

It's based on a 1950s Canadian Military Police uniform

Percivalian Troop

It's based on Vietnam War era US uniforms

World Assembly Peacekeeper & Enforcer

World Assembly Peacekeeper is based on an early United Nations uniform

World Assembly Enforcer is based on Schutzstaffel uniforms

Terebellium Troop & Nurse

  • Terebellium Troop is based on Korean War-era South Korean uniforms
  • Terebellium Nurse is based on the WW2 era United States Army Nurse Corp uniform

Volker Troop & Secret Police

  • Volker Troop is based on Wehrmacht uniforms
  • Volker Secret Police is based on a mix of the Schutzstaffel and Sturmabteilung uniforms

Jainan Troop

It's based on WW2 era Japanese uniforms


  • Updated and fixed past textures
  • Added Jainan Troop, World Assembly Enforcer


Funiversian Militaries Skin
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[…] Funiversian Militaries Skin Pack […]


[…]  Funiversian Militaries Skin Pack […]

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