Easy Bonsai Addon for Minecraft Pe

An easy way to help you get wood and leaves material fast is by using the Easy Bonsai addon. Or if you are tired of replanting trees in your world, this addon is right for you!

Cre: Amon28, Youtube, Twitter

Easy Bonsai addon is a new entity that added many new items, blocks to your world. Now you can easier get more wood, leaves and other things

There are many new items that can be crafted into the wood and leave the material

How does Bonsai Addon work?

First, the pot would appear in front of you by holding it in your hand

  • To place: right-click or hold the screen to place the pot
  • To cancel place: just switch to another item

Get a sapling then interact with the bonsai pot

  • Right-click for Windows 10
  • For mobile: There has a button appear when looking at the pot or long tap the Bonsai Pot while holding the sapling

Every 30 seconds it will drop logs and leaves and it will also produce a particle.

If you want the bonsai for decoration purposes you can stop their drops by shearing them.

Bonsai addon

To speed up the drops from 30 seconds to 15 seconds, you have to use Enriched Bone Meal

Bonsai addon

This Bonsai addon added new and improved, these are no longer entities but blocks. In addition, it has also changed the texture and model to fit its tree counterpart

Bonsai Addon recipes:

Enriched Bone Meal

Bonsai addon

Bonsai Pot

Bonsai addon

Overworld Bonsai Trees: Uses bonsai pot containing dirt (Shapeless)

Bonsai addon

Bonsai Trees (Nether): Uses bonsai pot containing warped or crimson nylium (Shapeless)

Bonsai addon


– Added
+ Warts, Pumpkin, Melon, Wheat, Carrot, Cocoa, Potato, Beetroot, Soulsoil pot, Farmland pot
– Technical Changed:
+ How enriched bonemeal works, the speed drop buff of the enriched bonemeal is no longer forever, it now can only last to 10 mins (real time)
+ Sheared variant of bonsai, when crafted now, has an icon
+ Moved bonsai to nature category and sheared variants to construction.
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Bonsai addon

Bonsai Addon v9 or here (gg drive)
Bonsai Addon v8
or here (gg drive)

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