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This Mod Contains 4 Mobs 3 Weapons And 1 Food Item

Creator: Riddlingjesse

The Food Mod Minecraft Bedrock

The Burger

The Burger Is A Passive Mob That Acts And Sounds Like A Cow, To Breed It Feed It Bread, It Spawns Every Where And It Drops A Burger Punch

The Food Mod Minecraft Bedrock

Both Burger And Burger Punch Look Like This 

Burger Punch

Burger Punch Is A Weapon That Deal 3 Damage And Gives 2 Extra Hearts, When Held The Model Of The Burger Will Appear On Youe Feet 

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French Fries

French Fries Are A Flying Hostile Mob That Shoots French Fries To Kill

The Food Mod Minecraft Bedrock

You, It Drops The Fry Shot Weapon

Fry Shot

Fry Shot Is A Weapon That’ Shoots Out FriesIt Deals 5 Damage, It Has Ni Durability And It Lasts Forever So You Never Run Out Essentially

The Food Mod Minecraft Bedrock

Making You A Living Turret

The Gummy Bear

The Gummy Bear Is A Neutral Mob That Spawns Everywhere When You Hit It It Tries To Kill You And It

The Food Mod Minecraft Bedrock

Deals Massive Amounts Of Damage And Gives Slowness It Drops Jelly Bean

Gummy Bear

Jelly Bean Is A Food Item That Gives You Negative Effects When You Eat It, Such As Nausea, Slowness, Mining Fatigue, blindness, Poison And hungerIt Also Takes Away Regeneration, Absorption,Speed, haste, resistance Ect.When Smelting It, It Makes A Gum Drop

 The Food Mod

The Gumdrop

The Gumdrop Is The Opposite Of The Jelly Bean It Gives Strength Haste Speed Regeneration And Resistance


Pi Is A Boss Mob That Spawns Everywhere In The Mesa, That Has 100 Health And Deals Massive Amounts Of Damage, If You Manage To Kill It

The Food Mod Minecraft Bedrock

You Can Aquire The Circle Head

The Circle Head

The Circle Head Is The Ultimate Weapon, It Deals 9999 Damage, Meening It Can 1 Hit Allmost All Vanilla And Moded Mobs Additionally It Provides You With 30 Extra Hearts And And Gives You 100% More Speed, When Held The Model Appears On Tour Head

The Food Mod         

Download The Food Mod

The Food Mod

Minecraft ModThe Food Mod _BPThe Food Mod _RP


Once Your Done Downloading The BP Extract The File Into Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/com.mojang/behaviour_packs Then When Your Done Downloading The RP Extract The File To Minecraft


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