Mod of Randomness V4.0 – Update The Prophecy

Explore over 2000 new features in Mod of Randomness!! All the features are random but in one way or another way, all linked together.

Creator: Shadowmage yt, Youtube

Mod of Randomness

Come to this “Mod of Randomness” addon, players can discover so much cool content such as new swords, tools, magic items, guns, mobs, bosses, blocks, and recipes. There are also a lot of awesome functionalities such as lightning, teleportation, extreme power boosts, and manipulation of monsters near you.

For example:

  • The music disc player: it plays random music disc to every player in your entire world
  • The staff of black hole manipulation and sucks up mobs, 800 damage to them before dropping them back down again.

New Weapons

New blocks: it does not include ores, dragon eggs and generators

Magic Staffs

New Materials

Armor and Guns

Some other addons Minecraft PE you can check in 

Other Mod of Randomness

Biomes, The Asteroid residues, the xeno wasteland, and the super composted trees

Note: these biomes will not generate in 1.18/1.19

The End in Minecraft world will look better than normal

The Astral Lands: spawns at Y 200, higher in The End dimension

Crafting tables

Draesteel Masterbot’s Domain

… and more than 300 different recipes for mod items!!! There exist items and a large number of features (new modded mobs and blocks)

What’s new in Mod of Randomness V4.0? 

Update The Prophecy – Added a lot of cool things:

1. The brimstone Church: it spawns in Nether Wastes or The Charred Biome

2. The Abandoned Facility: you can find it in all deepslate caves biomes except the Deep Dark

3. Colored Crystals with 6 different colors

4. Building blocks

5. New weapon type LANCES

When interacting with or hitting a mob, lances will do area effect damage. It also has abilities to stack with the area to effect damage.

6. New armor

7. New blocks

Each one has abilities and new plants

 8. Desert Monument

Change the way deserts generate caves

Minecraft Gun Mod

Note from creator

  • If you want to make a video on Mod of Randomness addon, you have to leave the link original, put the credit to at least on my Youtube channel
  • You are not allowed to edit Mod of Randomness addon and distribute the edited version.
  • Note: in the low-end devices, this addon work maybe not be stable.
mcpeaddons download

Mod of Randomness v4.0_BEH.mcpack
Mod of Randomness v4.0_RES.mcpack

Minecraft Gun Mod

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