Terraria 3D Star Cannon Add-on

A potent weapon from the well-known video game Terraria is now available in Minecraft! Collect Falling Stars to serve as ammunition, and use this weapon to quickly penetrate through adversaries! complete with audio, special effects, and a 3D appearance!

Creator: King Creeper Studios (Youtube, Twitter)

Terraria 3D Star Cannon Add-on

This release is still in beta; it has not yet been finished. There isn’t any crafting yet, but it will be shortly. The player json file is not used by this add-on, but you will need to enable all the required experimental features; see the information below for additional details.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Star Cannon

Early on in the game Terraria, you can pick up the Star Cannon, a potent weapon that fires Fallen Stars as ammunition.

When held, the weapon has a 3D appearance that alters your appearance.

Terraria 3D Star Cannon

Currently there is no crafting recipe, you can only get the Star Cannon from the Wandering Trader.

Terraria 3D Star Cannon

Right-click or push and hold as if you were eating an apple to fire the Star Cannon. Although it has no knockback, it can penetrate through numerous foes. With each fired star, it causes 25 damage.

Terraria 3D Star Cannon
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

The Star Cannon is capable of autofire, holding down the use button will keep it firing, but watch your ammo.

Fallen Star

Fallen Stars are the ammo used for the Star Cannon, they just need to be in your inventory, otherwise it won’t fire.

Fallen Stars spawn at night, you will see them falling to the ground.

Terraria 3D Star Cannon

Once on the ground, they will stay there and spin around so they’re easy to spot. Fallen Stars have a faint glow and show particles.

To pick up a Fallen Star, simply hit it, then it will drop as an item.

Below is a video on how it looks:

Some Addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


Be sure to keep these features on so the add-on works.

terraria 3d star cannon addon


  1. Click the link. Be sure to read and follow ALL the instructions below so you don’t mess up! All the links are safe, just follow the guide.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Free Access” button, click it.
  3. Click the “Discover Articles” button.
  4. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ AN ARTICLE, just click the X at the top right. It will make you wait for a few seconds, just click the X again when it’s done.
  5. The “Continue” button should be enabled now, click it and it should bring you to the Mediafire link.
  6. After downloading the files, just tap them and Minecraft should automatically install the packs.
  7. If that doesn’t work, you can rename all .mcaddon files to .zip files then manually put the packs in the right folders (resource packs to resource_packs folder, behavior packs to behavior_packs folder). Mediafire may rename the file, so be sure to check and rename it to the right one.

And you’re done! This was only tested on Android, but you can try it on other devices. For any questions, visit my profile and visit the Youtube channel, Twitter or Discord profiles and leave a message.

You can use this add-on the way you want, even use some data as reference, just be sure to give proper credits as always. Only use this link when sharing, DON’T USE YOUR OWN LINKS.

Terraria 3D Star Cannon

Download Terraria 3D Star Cannon or Link Backup

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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