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What do you think about ghosts in your Minecraft world? They wander in the middle of the night with a couple of red-eyed, some ghosts have long nails, have a small, big, long, and small body, and also like to make strange and creepy sounds!! Asian Ghost Addon will bring to you the strange experience of meeting these ghosts

Cre: LGUNM YT, Youtube

Asian Ghost

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This addon will make your survival world, or realm, server, and horror map become more attractive. Let’s explore this Asian Ghost addon now


The Kuntilanak, also called Pontianak, is a mythological creature that lives in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It’s similar to Langsuir in other Southeast Asia regions. It has the appearance of a pregnant woman but unable to give birth to a child

  • EXP – 15
  • Health – 26
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 8

Sundel Bolong

This creature is known in Indonesian mythology as a mythical ghost from the archipelago. She has beautiful long black hair and a long white dress. Besides, the myth is closely linked to prostitutes, so you can see a hole in her back

  • EXP – 20
  • Health – 30
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 10


This is an undead infant in South East Asian folklore. It is known in the mythology of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Southern Thailand.

  • EXP – 10
  • Health – 35
  • Move Speed – 0.23 (run faster if he found his prey)
  • Damage – 3

Toyol or Tuyul is invoked as a helper by shamans (dukun or bomoh) using the means of black magic.

Pocong Asian Ghost

Pacong, also known as shroud ghost which appears in Indonesia. It’s said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their shroud

  • EXP – 10
  • Health – 25
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 6


This is a nocturnal vampiric entity from Malay ghost myths. The name comes from the word Tanggal (means remove or take off). Its form is a floating disembodied woman’s head with its trailing organs still attached.

  • EXP – 15
  • Health – 20
  • Move Speed – 1.8
  • Damage – 5


Eight Feet Tall (八尺様, Hachishaku-sama, also informally called Hasshakusama) is a type of Japanese spirit (Yokai). Her form is a tall female specter and is often said to have a deep, masculine voice in which she repeats the interjection “Po” [ぽ] repeatedly. Her habit is preying on children (nine to eleven years old)

  • EXP – 20
  • Health – 40
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 10


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It is a mythical creature from Java, Indonesia which appears with a reddish or black-skinned hairy humanoid, large and muscular body. In Javanese mythology, Genderuwo is said to be supernatural in nature with the ability to disappear and appear at will or transform into a human.

  • EXP – 50
  • Health – 50
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 25


Japanese folklore in 1918 tells of a teenager named Eikichi Suzuki purchased a large doll from Hokkaido for his younger sister, Okiku, who gave the doll her name. One day Okiku pass away, her family came to believe that Okiku’s spirit was inhabiting the doll and the hair on the doll was growing. From there, the doll resides in Mannenji Temple in Hokkaido, where it is claimed that a priest regularly trims Okiku’s still-growing hair

  • EXP – 0
  • Health – 220
  • Move Speed – 1
  • Damage – 5
Asian Ghost


This creature is known as a Chinese hopping vampire which is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. The characters for “jiangshi” are read geung-si in Cantonese, cương thi in Vietnamese, and gangsi in Korean.

  • EXP – 10
  • Health – 20
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 8

Preta Asian Ghost Addon

A hungry ghost is the Sanskrit name for a type of supernatural being described in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese and Vietnamese folk religion as undergoing suffering greater than that of humans, particularly an extreme level of hunger and thirst.

  • EXP – 10
  • Health – 25
  • Move Speed – 0.23
  • Damage – 7

All ghosts in Asian Ghost Addon can be found inside Jungle, Taiga, and Forest

Note from Creator:

  • Asian Ghost addon was created by LGUNM YT. Thanks to Kaiboi39 (Youtube) for giving me a permission to use his scp-173 coding to make Okiku mobs.
  • You are not allowed to steal the coding, model, animation and texture.
  • If you review or showcase this addon, you must give credit to the owner.
  • You are not allowed to share this addon in your own link, please respect the original link
  • Contact the owner to get approval if you want to use this addon for your map


– Added new mobs: genderuwo, preta, hachishaku-sama, okiku and jiangshi
– Improve mobs texture.
– Updated to 1.0.5.


mcpeaddons download

Asian Ghost Addon
You can get .ZIP file here: Download .zip

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