Terra Enhance Biome V2 Addon for Minecraft

Biomes in Minecraft look more interesting and engrossing with the Terra Enhance Biome! There are more than 20 biomes added to this addon that is inspired by the likes of Traverse, Biome Bundle, and Biomes O’ Plenty!

Cre: Baguette Creations, Twitter, Youtube

Terra Enhance Biome

However this addon does not add any new blocks, or mobs to change the vanilla feel when playing the game. So you also can use any other biome addon with it (such as Expansive biomes, Ybiomes or bioplentia)

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All the biome added the coordinates to find them. The seed for the co-ordinates is – 799914970

Extreme Jungle and Extreme Jungle Hills

Extreme Jungle Hills has extremely large mountains which consist of granite, dirt, and coarse dirt. It’s covered in a dense amount of trees, along with vines on the mountain walls. About the Extreme Jungle, it is a sub biome and flatter

Coordinates 215, ~, 5656

Meadow and Meadow Forest

The Meadow Forest: a flat biome with new oak, birch trees, and cover in dandelions, cornflower, and grass. The mob will not spawn here, so this’s a pretty ideal place to build a base
The meadow is a sub biome that occurs around the main one without trees

Coordinates -2832, ~, 4150

Boreal and Cold Boreal Forest

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

The Boreal forest is extremely large and dense, it’s covered with coniferous trees and spruce bushes. If you are short on Spruce wood, this biome is perfect for you. About the Cold Boreal Forest, this is a sub biome that is more or less the same, covered in snow

  • Boreal Forest Coordinates -1679, ~, 4439
  • Cold Boreal Forest Coordinates 833, ~, 5263

Thicket and Thicket Hills

That is a dense forest and thicket in Terra Enhance Biome. There is consist of tall oak trees and oak bushes, the floor of this biome is made of coarse dirt and rooted dirt. For the sub biome, you will see a thicket forest with more mountains

Coordinates -532, ~, 4772

Desert Plateau and Canyon

Look at the desert plateau is pretty same as the mesa plateau, but it consists of smooth sandstone instead of hardened clay, the hight is slightly different

The canyon is a much taller version of the canyon, which looks stunning from afar. Lapis Lazuli will also spawn in high amounts in these biomes.

Coordinates -1301, ~, 758

Frosty Forest and Frosty Forest Plateau

A variant of the forest biome but covered in snow which spawning near a Tundra biome. You can find oak and birch wood here

Coordinates 474, ~, 5249

mcpeaddons download

Terra Enhance Biome V2 RB or here
Terra Enhance Biome V2 BP or here

Glacier and Ice Canyon

A large plateau of ice and snow with a few ice spikes on the top. Then transition into the ice canyon with a much taller sub biome

Coordinates 725, ~, 5232

Mossy Shores

This forest is inspired by rock pools which consist of moss, mossy cobblestone, and cobblestone. You can find this biome next to forests and Boreal forests.

Coordinates 557, ~, 6938

Forest Plateau

A common variant of forest but higher up.

Coordinates 653, ~, 6121

Deep Rivers

A much deeper and wider version of the normal Minecraft rivers

Coordinates -1091, ~, 4494

Volcanic Taiga and Volcanic Taiga Hills

This biome is inspired by Yellowstone. It has the signature prismatic springs which can be found scattered on the surface. Volcanic Taiga consists of calcite, tuff, and light grey concrete, magma blocks can also be found underground

The Volcanic Taiga Hills surround the Volcanic Taiga, it has custom spruce trees, with thin grey fog.

Coordinates -603, ~, 3125

Spooky Forest and Spooky Forest Hills

This is a dense forest with yellow and orange leaves on the trees which inspired by Halloween. You can find pumpkins in high amounts, Jack O’ Lanterns, giant pumpkins, cobwebs and mushrooms

  • There are some bats is spawned above ground, the witches are also spawn more frequently
  • The fog surround the biome
  • The Spooky Forest Hills is a sub-biome that is hillier.

Coordinates 1434, ~, 1288

Flower Plains – Terra Enhance Biome

It’s an uncommon biome. Look similar to the regular plain biome. However more flowers and the grass is greener colour

Co-ordinates 867, ~, 8984

Diverse Forest

This forest includes spruce, oak and birch trees, these trees make it become the perfect place to gather resources. The flowers will also spawn in high quantities!

Coordinates -1242, ~, 4854

Fantasy Forest

It’s a rare biome in Terra Enhance Biome which includes: huge flowers, mushrooms, lots of custom trees and extremely erratic terrain

Co-ordinates 490, ~, 865

Temperate Forest

A flat biome with a bunch of huge trees, along with giant pumpkins. Has thin orange fog and green spore particles.

Co-ordinates -2189, ~, 3923

Turn on creation of custom biomes, experimental toggle, when creating the world


– Added
+ Fantasy Forest
+ Volcanic Taiga and Volcanic Taiga Hills
+ Spooky Forest
+ Flower Plains
+ Diverse Forest
– Adjusted how Frosty Forests spawn
– Increased the height of mossy shores slightly
– Made Cold Boreal Forests rarer and the Extreme Jungle rare


Terra Enhance Biome V2 RB or here
Terra Enhance Biome V2 BP or here

👉 If you like Terra Enhance Biome, you can also check some addons: Pure Fantasy World, The Nine Titans (Attack on Titan), Nether in the Overworld

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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