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A custom world generation mod for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft is called ExtraBiomes. introducing a floating Sky city biome, six new underground biomes,...

Terra Enhance Biome V2 Addon for Minecraft

Biomes in Minecraft look more interesting and engrossing with the Terra Enhance Biome! There are more than 20 biomes added to this addon that...

Expansive Biomes Addon for MCPE V1.6.0 Support 1.19

Expansive Biomes are formerly known as Plenty O' Biomes which added 20+ new biomes for everyone to seek out and explore! It not only...

Custom Plains Biome

Let me share with you a new personalized survival map called Custom Plains Biome! Where you can see epic mountains and vast grasslands around...

Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon

Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon frequently generates in your Minecraft world. There are epic floating islands and strange outcrops appear around the world. They will...

The Birdy Biome | Minecraft PE Maps

Welcome to "The Birdy Biome"! This project is a giant biome with mountains and nether with 245 block tall nether peak amidst an endless...

Island of Biomes (Custom Terrain) | MCPE Maps

This is a custom terrain map with 5 different biomes that include Desert, Jungle, Oak Forest, Snow Forest, and Taiga. The Island of Biomes...

Biome Chooser Addon for Minecraft PE (Minecon18)

Three biomes in Minecraft will be updated with new features. Those are deserts, taigas, and savannahs biomes. Biome Chooser Addon is not only added...

Biosurvival (Custom Terrain) Map for Minecraft Pe

BioSurvival is a map for survival or creative mode. This map has 2000 x 2000 blocks with 6 mains biomes: Jungle, Mesa, Mountains, ocean,...

Bioplentia Addon – Magnificent Biomes

The appearance of the biomes is improved in this Bioplentia Addon (Magnificent Biomes). They have a new look, color, and atmosphere in vanilla bombie! Now...

Recent posts

Water Splash Addon (1.19)

Do you want to see the splash effect in the 1.18 trailer in the game? the Water Splash Addon will ad a similar effect...

Rotten Creatures (Bedrock) Addon for Minecraft

Rotten Creatures addon adds a variety of zombies that will make survival more difficult. This Rotten Creatures add-on is recreated of Javamod, by the...

Bzf Furniture Addon for Minecraft

Explore over 100+ pieces of furniture into Bzf Furniture Addon with working appliances and cool features. This update added new more stuff and fixed...

Deluxe Life

The imaginative map Deluxe Life is located on an island. Its main building is a contemporary mansion beside the water. In the dock of...

Naruto Jedy Addon V8 Update | Crystal

A cool naruto mod minecraft makes by a Brazilian fan for other fans - Naruto Jedy Addon with texture and models are completely innovative,...
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