Expansive Biomes Addon for MCPE V1.6.0 Support 1.19

Expansive Biomes are formerly known as Plenty O’ Biomes which added 20+ new biomes for everyone to seek out and explore! It not only stops there but also adds more in the future! Do you want new biomes in your Minecraft world?

Cre: iKorbon (Youtube, Twitter)

Expansive Biomes 1.19

Come to this Expansive Biomes addon, you can see over 20 new biomes and new blocks inspired heavily by the Java Edition mod Bimoes O’ Plenty. There you can find a similar biome if you used to play that mod


The expansive Biomes addon is in the early stages so still has some bugs, errors, and crashes. It may not work well on older/slower devices!


Boggy Swamp

Redwood Forest

Expansive Biomes List V1.6.0 (Old Version)

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Humid, wet, swampy biome consists of water in the grass, you also can see patches of mud and large shallow bodies of water with the trees, the mossy boulders. Even you can see the Frogs and Crocodiles which spawn here

Expansive Biomes

Lush Desert

This is a hot lush desert with grass, sand, and red sand. The surface is cover with trees, cacti, small cacti, and bushes

Expansive Biomes


Large open bodies of water

Expansive Biomes


Plains like biome consisting of many hills, with little vegetation.

Expansive Biomes


That is a large beach with grass, sand, and palm trees with coconuts

Expansive Biomes

Volcanic Plains

Hot, plain biome pretty rare in Expansive Biomes. It includes f erupting lava geysers, and basalt pillars with the surface being made of stone, basalt, and smoldering stone

Expansive Biomes
Expansive Biomes

Geysers can take up to 20 minutes to erupt after being loaded

Download Expansive Addons Support Minecraft 1.19

Cherry Blossom Forest

A forest biomes with Cherry Blossom trees and a bunch of flowers

Expansive Biomes

 Giant Mushroom Forest

It is a biome with large and small mushroom trees which spawn as a sub-biome in Mooshroom biomes

Expansive Biomes

Pumpkin Plains

Tons of pumpkins, bushes, and occasional large pumpkins in this plain biome

Expansive Biomes

Bryce Jungle

It also rare to find in expansive biomes, this jungle biome with stone and grass surfaces and large bryce pillars

Expansive Biomes

Skinny Pine Forest

A forest with the skinny spruce pine trees, spruce trees, and bushes. There has a snowy variant

Expansive Biomes

Black Sand Shores

Shore biome with black sand making up the surface, currently only spawns with the volcanic biome.

Expansive Biomes


That is a flat biome with broken a broken surface of grass, water and mud

Expansive Biomes


High plateau biome of grass and hills with the occasional flower patch.

Expansive Biomes

Lavender Grove expansive biomes

Here you can see a flat grove biome with lavender trees and lavender flower!

Expansive Biomes


A giant cold mountain with snow and a flat surface on top

Expansive Biomes


Desert in expansive biomes with rolling sandhills and flat valleys with dune grass, dead bushes, and small trees

Expansive Biomes

Pine Forest

Forest biome in expansive biomes consisting of spruce pine trees, and ferns. (has a snowy variant)

Expansive Biomes

Frozen Desert

That is a flat and cold biome with patches of frozen ice and mossy boulders

Expansive Biomes


Explore the large plateau biome, which steep cliffs and a flat valley. It includes small pine trees and occasional pillars with the surface being made up of hardened dirt and grass

Expansive Biomes

Frozen Mountain

It consist of small frozen lakes and mountain pine trees

Expansive Biomes

Pendula Forest

The large birch pendula trees, and bushes in this biome

Expansive Biomes

Redwood Forest

A bunch of huge redwood trees, ferns, and bushes

Expansive Biomes

Autumn Forest

This biome filled with oak, birch, and pine trees that covered autumn color leaves and leaf piles

Expansive Biomes

Wakandan Plains

Savana in Expansive Biomes with open fields, acacia trees, occasional forest, and large caves filled with Vibrant Dripstone and Stone.

Expansive Biomes

Vibranium Ore spawns at y level 32 and below here, and is hard to find. Inspired by the MCU.

Expansive Biomes

Birch Wetlands

Wet and humid biome with dense tall birch trees, and pockets of water making up the surface. Frogs will spawn here.

Expansive Biomes

Maple Woods

This biome includes tons of maple and spruce trees, pretty rare chance to find syrup in a tree

Expansive Biomes

Scorched Forest (Rare)

This biome scorched by heat from lava from the Volcanic biome. It only spawns as a sub-biome in Volcanic biomes.

Expansive Biomes

Tropical Island

Island biome rain to find with palm trees on the surface.

Expansive Biomes
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New Structures – Expansive Biomes

  • Hunter Cabin
  • Spawns in Pine Forest biomes.
  • Trapper Pillager will spawn here.
Expansive Biomes

New Blocks

  • Hardened Dirt: obtained by smelting dirt in a furnace or finding it in biomes
  • Mud: slows mobs and players when walked on
  • Smoldering Stone: emits smoke particles
  • Coconut: drops coconut when broken
  • Small Cactus
  • Lavender Flower
  • Cherry Blossom Leaves
  • Cherry Logs: crafted into planks
  • Cherry Planks: crafted like normal planks with Cherry Logs
  • Cherry Door: crafted like normal doors with Cherry Planks (Double Doors not supported yet)
  • Jacaranda Leaves
  • Jacaranda Logs: crafted into planks
  • Jacaranda Planks: crafted like normal planks with Jacaranda Logs
  • Jacaranda Door: crafted like normal doors with Jacaranda Planks (Double Doors not supported yet)
Expansive Biomes

Vibranium Ore:

It can only be mined with a Netherite pickaxe/Vibranium Pickaxe, and will drop Vibranium Crystals when mined

  • Vibrancy Stone & Vibrant Dripstone: found in Wakanda biomes
  • Smoldering Log, Scorched Leaves, Scorched Grass Block, Smoldering Grass Block: found in Scorched Forest biomes
  • Autumn Oak Leaves
  • Autumn Birch Leaves
  • Autumn Oak Leaf Piles
  • Maple Leaves
  • Oak Log Filled with Syrup (interact with a glass bottle to get Bottle of Syrup)




Mobs that are passive and will avoid players, villagers, and plunderers. When slain, they will leave behind leather, venison, deer antlers, and a small chance of a deer trophy.

Expansive Biomes


adorably hostile mobs that, if enraged, will attack players. Like foxes, they are nocturnal and avoid players. They also sleep throughout the day. They will consume crops as well as the majority of food products. Pumpkins that have been decorated work well to keep raccoons from devouring crops since they are terrified of them. Raccoons can be domesticated by sneaking them bread.

Expansive Biomes


Spawns primarily in water, where it is fastest, and will attack most mobs. Drops Crocodile meat when killed.



Expansive Biomes


Neutral mob that will attack monsters (excluding creepers). Will attack players if angered. Spawns in Mystic Forest biomes. Can be traded with.

Expansive Biomes

Mossy Skeleton & Zombie

Only zombies and reskinned skeletons currently appear in the bog biome.

Expansive Biomes

Trapper Pillager

Unless provoked, neutral toward other players. They will trade with you for pelts, leather, and hide, but they will not refill their supplies. On sight, they will attack bears, iron golems, and villages. skilled archers with 45 health points who can fire 2 arrows at once in a brief period of time. available in Hunter Cabin buildings.

Expansive Biomes

Black Bear

Neutral mob that will run from players, will only attack if hit or a bear cub is near.

Expansive Biomes

Grizzly Bear

Attacking players, plunderers, and monsters is an aggressive mob (excluding creepers).

Expansive Biomes


Small passive mobs that will move in random directions. In the biome of Mystic Forest, spawns at night are catchable with a glass container.

Expansive Biomes


aggressive monster that attacks most other mobs right away and deals 7 hearts of damage per hit. When their target is too far away, they will throw balls of packed ice that deal 3 and 1/2 hearts of damage. spawns less frequently in the Frost Forest biome than in any other Frozen biome.

Expansive Biomes

Tools & Armor:

Grizzly Pelt Armor is made from Grizzly Bear Pelts and Iron Armor. It has a functional cloak and is a little more durable and protective than iron armor. Remove the player’s cape to prevent them from glitching through one another.

Vibranium armor is stronger than Netherite, more resistant to knockback, and has marginally longer durability. It is made from vibranium ingots. If not enchanted, some portions will glow in the dark.

  • Vibranium Sword: 9 damage, 2000 durability, 1 durability point/use.
  • Vibranium Pickaxe – 7 damage, 2000 durability, 1 durability point/use.
  • Vibranium Axe – 8 damage, 2000 durability, 1 durability point/use.
  • Vibranium Shovel – 6 damage, 2000 durability, 1 durability point/use.

Vibranium Hoe – deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.

Vibranium can be found in Savanna biomes between levels 16 though-64, it has similar distribution as diamonds, but much rarer.

Expansive Biomes



  • Credit to MACHINE_BUILDER for his awesome Feature Rule Generator program!
  • Credit to Ecko0087 for the door coding!
  • Credit to Crovono from Discord for helping with structure problems
  • Credit to Nargoth and Skycubb73 for ongoing Hungarian and French language support.



  • -added a new Cherry Blossom Leaf block variant
  • -updated texture of Redwood blocks
  • -updated texture of Cherry Blossom Logs
  • -updated texture of Jacaranda Log Top
  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now grow on Redwood Logs
  • -Brittlebright blocks will now emit particles
  • -added falling leaf particles to Autumn Forest trees
  • -removed the flammable component temporarily due to the bug mentioned above


  • -improved Bog Swamp biome
  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now be found more often in Redwood Forests
  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now be found in Coniferous, Deciduous, and Mystic forest biomes
  • -increased the amount of bushes in Redwood Forests
  • -Cherry Blossom Forest trees are now slightly more dense
  • -increased the spawn rate of double flowers in certain biomes
  • -lowered the spawn rate of beehives in Pendula Forests
  • -lowered the amount of spore blossoms in Mystic Forests
  • -added tall dark oak trees to Mystic Forest
  • -added Vertical Moss Carpet to Mystic, Deciduous, Penudla, Coniferous, and Redwood forest biomes
  • -Vibranium Ore can now only be found between y-levels 16 through -64
  • -slightly increased the spawn rate of Vibranium Ore


  • -lowered spawn rate of Yeti in frozen biomes
  • -Grizzly and Black bears now have a stomp attack animation
  • -Grizzly Bears will now attack villagers and Deer


  • -Tinder Mushrooms can now be crafted into Brown Mushrooms


  • -fixed a bug that prevented Redwood Logs from being stripped
  • -fixed a bug that caused majority of blocks to not work on Realms/servers


These Experimental Settings must be enabled!

Expansive Biomes


Expansive Biomes

Download Expansive Addons Support Minecraft 1.19

or Expansive Biomes Addon V1.6.2 (BP) Backup

Expansive Biomes Addon v1.6.2 (RP) (backup)

Expansive Biomes Addon v1.6.0 (BP)
Expansive Biomes Addon V 1.6.0 (RP)

Download old version here: Biome Addon
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