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Pure Fantasy World | Fantasy Biomes Addons

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The vanilla biomes are too boring for you? Pure Fantasy World – Fantasy Biomes Addons is for you! This add-on adds a lot of new fantasy and invented biomes to explore.

Creator: Albii (Youtube)



  • Kova Forest: It contains floating islands and kova trees, goblins appear more common here
  • Foggyland forest: A place infected of mushrooms. You can see deers, frogs, and zombies here
  • Aurora Blossom: A colorful biome where magic and beauty abound. You can find fairies, butterflies, and lemurs here.
  • Nightshade forest: A dark place for night lovers. Their golden trees will illuminate the forest like stars.
  • Desert of the dead: It contains tall cactus, and a lot of fosils
  • Deep Jungle: It contains giant hives and wasps that will attack you.
  • Town: A procedural town where villagers live.
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Got your Pure Fantasy World | Fantasy Biomes Addons below:

fantasy biomes addons,Pure fantasy world


  • Ambar worm: Can be found on golden blossom biome
  • Aurora butterfly: Found on aurora blossom
  • Aurora lemur: Found on Aurora blossom biome
  • Rabbiteer: found on Aurora blossom biome
  • Fairy: Aurora blossom biome
  • Dark deer: Nightshade forest
  • Floral deer: Found on foggyland forest. It will provide you food
  • Foggy zombie: Can be found on foggyland forest
  • Mushroom frog: Found on foggyland forest
  • Dragonfly: Foggyland forest
  • Wasp: Can be found on deep jungle
  • Goblin: Can be found on all biomes. It will attack you but it also can provide food.
  • You can craft a fairy armor that will give you slow falling with faify dust and fairy wings

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