AddOnsPure Fantasy World | Fantasy Biomes Addons

Pure Fantasy World | Fantasy Biomes Addons

The vanilla biomes are too boring for you? Pure Fantasy World – Fantasy Biomes Addons is for you! This addon adds 10 new biomes and 19 new entities to discover:

Creator: Albii (Youtube)



  • Kova Hill: It contains floating islands and kova trees, goblins appear more common here
  • Foggyland forest: A place infected of mushrooms. You can see deers, frogs, and zombies here
  • Aurora Blossom: A colorful biome where magic and beauty abound. You can find fairies, butterflies, and lemurs here.
  • Nightshade forest: A dark place for night lovers. Their golden trees will illuminate the forest like stars.
  • Devastated Desert:: It contains tall cactus, and a lot of fosils
  • Deep Jungle: It contains giant hives and wasps that will attack you.

Weeping Mangrove: It is an improved mangrove that will contain giant trees, water and floating creatures.

fantasy biomes addons,Pure fantasy world
  • Town: A procedural town where villagers live.

Hidden Land: An old world that now is underground, it is an artificial biome that can be only generated by activating a portal tha is located underground.

Pure Fantasy World
Pure Fantasy World

Got your Pure Fantasy World | Fantasy Biomes Addons below:

fantasy biomes addons,Pure fantasy world


  • Ambar worm: Can be found on golden blossom biome
  • Aurora butterfly: Found on aurora blossom
  • Aurora lemur: Found on Aurora blossom biome
  • Rabbiteer: found on Aurora blossom biome
  • Fairy: Aurora blossom biome
  • Dark deer: Nightshade forest
  • Floral deer: Found on foggyland forest. It will provide you food
  • Foggy zombie: Can be found on foggyland forest
  • Mushroom frog: Found on foggyland forest
  • Dragonfly: Foggyland forest
  • Wasp: Can be found on deep jungle
  • Goblin: Can be found on all biomes. It will attack you but it also can provide food.

It also adds 4 new ores to make the world more immersive:

Cobalt: This is the most common ore.

Hessonite:A cobalt pickaxe is required to collect this resource. It has a gorgeous amber color.

Peridot: Its behaviour is similar to redstone but its stronger

Zircon: This is the more difficult ore to locate; to get it, a peridot pickaxe is required. It resembles netherite and is tougher than diamond.

fantasy biomes addons,Pure fantasy world

You can craft a fairy armor that will give you slow falling with faify dust and fairy wings

Some addon for Minecraft PE may you can like it:

This addon is also compatible with 1.19+

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Due to new Minecraft versions, block models that are more than 16x16x16 doesnt work. To fix this you must download this addon Block-Geo Fixer it has to be on top of PureFantasyWorld Resource Pack.

fantasy biomes addons,Pure fantasy world
fantasy biomes addons,Pure fantasy world

Behaviors Pack (Support Creator)Old Version

Resources Pack (Support Creator)Old Version

or HERE (Link Backup)

Download Pure Fantasy World Addon 2.1 BP or (Link Backup)

Download Pure Fantasy World Addon 2.1 RP or (Link Backup)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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