Surviving in the Sky (1.16.201) | Minecraft PE Maps

Surviving in the sky is an amazing floating island survival map. You will start on a floating ship that will have many materials and survival kits as well as elytra and rockets to get around. You and 4 other friends con play on this great map.

Creator: PhUnknown7

In this survival map, you will appear on a floating ship that has several important survival items.

You and 4 friends can embark on this great adventure of floating islands. You should check the chest at the beginning of the map. There will also be areas such as the warped forest modified with mountains of black stone and basalt.

Along with those areas of hell, you will also find the crimson forest and other even more dangerous areas. There will also be the volcano area that has blocks of magma and black stone.

This map work on version 1.16.201 and later versions.


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