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Modular Bosses, a popular Java mod known as “THE UNKILLABLE BOSS MOD!” was abandoned in 2018 due to the removal of a crucial component from the Curseforge API. We’ve been working on bringing it back for bedrock for almost 6 months now, and here’s your first glimpse at the new, and Official Modular Bosses continuation.

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Modular Bosses + BETA

Welcome to Modular Bosses +!

Modular Bosses Plus is a Minecraft Bedrock edition addon that adds a slew of new monsters and bosses to the game!


Legends Sword

Legends Sword is a formidable weapon forged with Mythical ingots, a heavy-hitting sword designed to combat the addon’s bosses, dealing a whooping 21 damage!

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Shadow Katana

The Shadow Katana is a fantastic weapon that the Shade Howler, a forthcoming boss in the update, will drop.

It does 15 damage, which is just a smidgeon more than a Sharpness V Netherite blade can do.

Bait That Smells

Smelly Bait is a large piece of pork that you can throw on the ground to attract any sandworms in the area.

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Modular Bosses

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Chorp Chorp 

Modular Bosses

The Chorp Chorp is the first of the Chorp family’s four members.

This huge slug spawns in packs and has 100 health.

It will swarm its prey with slime blasts, but it has a long cooldown.

Smasher Chorp

Modular Bosses

The Chorp Chorp’s relative is the Smasher Chorp.

It also has 100 health and spawns alone, rather than in groups.

The Smasher Chorp lacks the ability to shoot slime, and

Instead, it charges and attacks its prey in melee, doing significant damage.


Eyeball Octopus

Modular Bosses

The Sandworm has a hitchhiker in the form of the Eyeball Octopus.

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This mob has 20 HP and is quite weak in comparison to the rest of the mod’s mobs.

It will give a deathly gaze and unleash deadly fire beams at its prey, killing them quickly!

Flying Skull

Modular Bosses

A Sandworm Hitchhiker, the Flying Skull is a nether mob.

It remains inactive until a target approaches, at which point it will swoop down and inflict harm.

Its foes are akin to the Vex.

These mobs, on the other hand, are easy fodder and may be dispatched with a single swing of a wooden sword.


Modular Bosses

Arachnophobics may have an issue with the Tick, which is a Sandworm Hitchhiker.

This giant bug will start out as small and weak, with only 20 HP, but if it causes enough damage to its target, it will grow to 80 HP and become a much bigger nuisance.


Modular Bosses

The Golem is a mob that, depending on the substance, can be powerful or feeble.

There are 15 golems, each formed of a different substance with varying strengths.

They have two attacks: a shockwave slam and a block chucking assault.

Glass and dirt golems have a meager 10 health and a middling 3 damage, however an Obsidian or Netherite golem has a monstrous 400 health and a whopping 30 damage, so that shield is going to come in handy!


Modular Bosses


Modular Bosses

The Moldorm is a well-known opponent from a Nintendo-created special series.

It does not directly target the player, but instead moves in one way before turning around when it hits a wall, causing quick damage to anything it comes into contact with.

Worse, this creature has 200 HP! Maintain a safe distance!

Heavy Chorp

Modular Bosses

The Heavy Chorp is a giant chorp chorp that fires a lot of slime, melee assaults adjacent targets, and summons Smaller Chorps to its aid. It has 400 health, so bring something ranged to battle it with.


Modular Bosses

Tatters is a dangerous reaper that may be a huge problem if you don’t have any kind of resistance.

This mob appears to be feeble in comparison to its size, speed, and health, which is only 100, but don’t dismiss it! Tatters can teleport and throw his dual-ended scythe, which deals enormous damage and can kill someone without armor. The reaper must be avoided!


NOTE: The Paragon is unfinished, and most of the attacks and features described here have yet to be implemented!

The Paragon is a powerful and dangerous mob that lumbers around at the height of a heavy chorp and uses a range of attacks, including kicking you far away, groundpounding, and a gigantic shockwave that sweeps people into the air. It has 400 health and is NO JOKE! If at all possible, stay away from these!

Modular Bosses


The Sandworm is the mod’s largest mob, spanning around 200 blocks and occasionally too large to fit on screen. This mob will charge directly towards prey and circle the area it’s hunting, and in the future, this mob will be able to eat you alive, allowing you to fight through its stomach like a dungeon.

Misc Mobs


Modular Bosses

The Chorpling is a small and swift chorp that may be tamed with a variety of meats and slimeballs!

It will attack your targets with small slimeballs once tamed, however they’re weak pets who will likely die easily to larger bosses, which is really sad:(

NOTE: Modular Bosses addon is in BETA, you will experience bugs and issues! Please report them! 

MB+ Trailer – YouTube

Modular Bosses + Launch Trailer | Open Beta – YouTube

If you are interested in the development of this addon, check out the trello page, you can find the progress, and all the upcoming content here!

Modular Bosses + Development | Trello


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Modular Bosses

Download Modular Bosses Addon Beta (Web Creator) 

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