Magic Craft (V1.1 Fairies & Broomsticks)

Magic Craft brings the hostile entities to cross over from the Rothain dimension, fortunately so is their Magic! What should you do to fight them? You will need to travel around the world trying to find all the Spell Books and other Magical artifacts to help you defeat the evil that has entered our world.

Creator: Four Worlds Studios (Youtube)

Magic Craft

Magic Craft tries to bring an extra element of Magic to Minecraft Bedrock, travel your worlds to find structures that can hold Magical Spellbooks to make Magic Wands and other Magic items to help you defeat the Evil entities that have crossed over.

The Wizard

Magic Craft

BEWARE: The Wizard is a Powerful Entity

  • The wizard will spawn around your world and is very hostile, it will shoot fireballs at you if it sees you. If you hit it, it will summon a Witch to help protect him
  • You can snap the Wizard out of his rage with the Healing Magic Wand
  • When you have used the wand, give the Wizard a Healing Potion and wait 30 seconds. The Wizard will become passive and now you can trade with him
  • He will trade you spell Books
  • If the Wizard get struck by Lighting it will become charged, it will now use a Melee attack and have the ability to Teleport to you.
  • If you hit it, it will summon an Enderman to help protect hom
  • When the Wizard is Charged it can still be healed

The Fairies

magic craft

Fairies are passive mobs that just go around their day causing no harm to anyone. Unfortunately for you killing them will be the easiest way to obtain Fairy Dust.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Spell Table

magic craft

The Spell Table can be crafted by using recipe:

magic craft

The Spell Table is where you will Merge Wands and create Potions, this crafting bench is very important to your survival

You will use the Spell Table to Merge Spell Books will Basic Wands to create More Powerful Magic Wands

magic craft

You can create Magic Potions in the Spell Table, The Healing Potion will make the Wizard passive so you can trade with him

Magic Craft


The Broomstick can be crafted using the Spell Table

magic craft


Structures will spawn around your world, travel far and wide to make sure you find all the Magical items that have crossed over.

Wizards Hut

Faries Tree House



  • Magic carpet was removed as it didn’t really fit the theme
  • Broomsticks have been introduced instead
  • Basic Magic Wand has been replaced with the Powerless Magic Wand
  • The powerless Magic Wand does nothing except act as the template for all Magic Wands

Magic Wand

  • Pyro Magic Wand
  • Durability: >20
mcpeaddons download

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