Fast-O Miner Addon | MinerPack Edition!

Fast-O Miner Addon is added to the tree capitator and a vein miner to your Minecraft world. You can chop down trees and break ores in one hit

Cre: AsilZade

How does Fast-O Miner Addon works?

To break the wood

  • You have to use an axe and sneak at the same time.
  • If you don’t sneak, you will break in the normal way

If you don’t use an axe, the Fast-O Miner Addon will not work

You can use it to break the ores too

The player can break ores all at once by sneaking.

Normally you don’t need to sneak when breaking the ore

Fast-O Miner Addon also works on Gravel and Clay

Don’t forget to use a shovel when you want to mine the gravel and clay

There is also an Easter Egg in Fast-O Miner Addon

Here you can see two players can ride the horse

This addon will add some new recipes (update soon)

Note from creator

  • You don’t need to enable Experimental Gameplay
  • Use English (UK) language
  • You’re Not Allowed to Edit the Addon!
  • If you’re going to share the addon, please use my links.
  • For those who want to look at my code, I didn’t encode my addon.
  • That way some people may learn how to make addons for themselves rather than stealing


– Added
+ Some recipes: saddle and horse armors etc
+ Added every log type and 1.16 version ores to breakable (such as nether gold)
– Removed wooden axe because it was too op. You could break 3 logs and gather like 60 in 2 mins so I removed it
– Netherite items are usable now
New Year Minecraft Skin


Fast-O Miner Addon

You can get here

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New Year Minecraft Skin

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[…] Fast-O Miner Addon | MinerPack Edition! […]


[…] Fast-O Miner Add-on | MinerPack Edition! […]


[…] Fast-O Miner Addon | MinerPack Edition! […]

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