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Rj’s Mobs is a minecraft bedrock addition that attempts to breathe new life into the world of minecraft. Rj’s Mobs adheres to the vanilla look of minecraft so that the custom mobs don’t feel out of place.

Cre: Crazy Rj ( Twitter

Rj’s Mob’s

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Because the addon is currently in beta, you may find errors or unfinished features, such as models, textures, behavior, animation, and loot tables, which may change in future updates.

Important info:- 

You are not allowed to repost my work on any other web sites or application with out my permission.

Since the addon is still in its beta stage I’m not allowing anyone to add it in your addon/mod pack. 

For Content Creator’s :-

Feel free to use the addon on your content such as play through’s, let’s play’s or addon showcase. But remember to credit me by giving your audience my YouTube channel link and the link to the download page . 

Some Addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com: 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CrazyRj_YT

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Discord: https://discord.io/CrazyRJ 

         Rj’s Mob’s Beta Trailer

Here are few in game screenshot’s for reference.

The new mobs currently added are as follows, more will be added in future updates.

In Release 1.0.1 [Beta 1] 

  1. Bison
  2. Butterfly
  3. Brownbear
  4. Cuttlefish
  5. Duck
  6. Hammerhead Shark
  7. Jellyfish
  8. Redpanda
  9. Scropion
  10. Spotted Hyena

In Release 1.0.2 [Beta 2] 

  1. Sparrow
  2. Zebra


Bisons are a type of passive mob that may be found in the Plains and Meadows. They can be milked and sheared like a cow or a sheep.

8 heart’s of health

Wheat placeholder as a breeding item

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Table of Loot: same as a cow, except with the addition of a brownwool placeholder

Rj's Mob's


Zebras are passive mobs that spawn in savannas and can be tamed and ridden like horses, as well as given a chest and extra inventory.

15 heart’s health

Wheat is a breeding item.

Table of Loot: the same as the horse’s Placeholder

Rj's Mob's
Rj's Mob's


Cuttlefish’s are a small varient’s of squid that spawn in Ocean’s and mostly found in Corel reef’s.

Health : 2 heart’s 

Loot Table : same as squid 

Rj's Mob's
Rj's Mob's


Ducks are a small bird species that spawn in and around rivers and beaches, and just like chickens, they lay eggs on the ground that can be thrown to spawn baby ducks.

Health : 4 heart’s 

Breeding item : seeds 

Loot Table : same as children placeholder 

Also naming a duck “donald” using a nametag will give it a special easter egg skin.  

Rj's Mob's
Rj's Mob's

Disclaimer :- 

I don’t recommend anyone to apply Rj’s Mob’s addon on their long term survival world or main world’s, since the addon is still in it’s bate form. So i recommend to play on a new world for this addon so you don’t lose your world if you encounter some bugs or something.

Rj's Mob's
Rj's Mob's


New Features 

  1. Added zebra’s 
  2. Added sparrow’s 
  3. Added sounds to duck’s 
  4. Added new behaviour to duck’s 
  5. Added duck egg’s 
  6. Added new variant’s to cuttlefish 
  7. Added bucket of cuttlefish
  8. Added bucket of jellyfish 


  1. Chenge the model’s of brownbear, jellyfish, spotted hyena and duck’s 
  2. Chenge the texture’s of brownbear, jellyfish, spotted hyena and duck 
  3. Chenge hyena sounds 


  1. Removed bucket of hammerhead shark 

Bug Fixes 

  1. Fixed mob not spawning of cuttlefish, duck and butterfly 
  2. Fixed hammerhead shark over spawning 
  3. Fixed jellyfish spawning underground 
  4. Fixed some bugs in some mob’s behaviour


Rj’s Mob’s addon come’s as two mcpack files ( Behaviour Pack and Resources Pack) you need both of these files so the addon can work properly, both file links can be found below download both of them and import them to minecraft if you plan to add a new build to a world with a older build of Rj’s Mob’s, first you need to delete the old build first and apply i new build to your world

Also this addon does use some experimental feature components, mainly the Holiday Creator Features. 

This feature need to be toggled on for something to work

Rj's Mob's
Rj's Mob's

Download Rj’s Mob’s (BP) OR FILE DRIVE

Download Rj’s Mob’s (RP) OR FILE DRIVE


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