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yBiomes Craft is here now! Have many full natural generation biomes in your game! For you to have fun with many new trees, structures, and biomes is very interesting and great to complete your survival and their worlds.

The diversity of biomes to make your game even more exciting is so huge! Frozen, cold, flooded, hot, tropical, islands, flowering, muddy biomes among many other different types!

Creator: yBrothers (Youtube, Twitter)

yBiomes Craft


Remember: Regardless of the game version, you are completely necessary to activate all experimental options!

Many amazing biomes for your worlds! Here you can find rare biomes and more common biomes, and even sub-biomes!

The biomes are completely natural generation, this means that NO structures will appear throughout your game!

The biomes are already generated and rendered with their own trees

Check out the list of biomes, with their photos and a brief description of each!

Biomes are not invasive and the rarity of some is still being worked on!

You can find vanilla animals through biomes and lots of wood, so biomes are great to survive!


The “Wild Update” option is optional, you don’t need to activate it to play the yBiomes Craft, the others must be active!



It is a new biome 80% made of water, it has dense vegetation with many willows of different sizes! Vines, weeping herbs, custom mushrooms, lotus flowers, and lots of moss in the water!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Autumn Grove

You can’t find anything more welcoming than this biome! It has a dense orange mist and trees of 5 shades of different colors, in addition to lots of pumpkin and flowers. Foxes and 4 other animal species from the add-on spawn here. It’s a grove!

Cherry Grove!

A very calm and welcoming grove too! You will find playful squirrels and deers! Also new woods, leaves, and sweet cherries!

Spring Orchard!

Nothing better than a spring orchard, with weeping oaks with lots of sweet berries fruits that you can harvest! Also, new flowers that feel even more like spring

Alpine Tundra!

This biome has 21 new types of super beautiful vegetation, it is a cold biome and borders other cold biomes such as taigas, snow camps, and snowy forests!

Coniferous Forest!

Taiga Forest with large conifers and mixed soil between thick dirt and mud, and lots of grass and rocks!

Snowy Grove

This forest is perfect for your winter cabin, lots of snow crystals flowing in the air and lots of tall, beautiful white snow trees, a cool white mist covering everything, lots of deer, squirrels, and blackberries!


Lastly, we have the steppe! Arid, simple, and a crazy mix of deserts and plains, a lot of thick wood, and dry bush!

Badlands and Deserts Improvements

Badlands and Deserts now get more tiny cactus and some flowering, they do damage if you step on them

Beaches Improvements

Beaches have now received palm trees! Tall, short, and sometimes medium, they are beautiful and for the moment they don’t have their own wood set

Jungle Improvement!

Jungles now receive wild and swampy mushrooms on the surface

Plains and Rivers Improvements

Plains have now received more trees, more grasses, more flowers, and great combinations of lavender and surface rocks! And rivers now have clayey soil and gilded clay soil on their surface. a new way to get gold nuggets easier!

If you like this yBiomes Craft, mcpeaddons.com has a lot of add-ons that you will like:


Yeah! We have new animals! And they are cute, fun, you can tame them or enjoy them

Deersm there are two variants, with and without horns. They will avoid you, they are reproduced with wheat. You can get leather and meat from them! Tame item: Hay block. You can attach chest to it

Ladybugs are attracted to flowers in the groves.

Raccoons, they act like foxes, hunting chickens and ladybugs. You can feed them with sweet berries! They can breed and are super docile! Tame item: Egg

Squirrels, jumping, playful and fast! They are afraid of big creatures, love cherries and sweet berries. You can attract them and feed them with these same items! Tame item: Cherry Fruit

Download yBiomes Craft:

mcpeaddons download


Willow Tree

Cherry tree

Cherry Blossom Tree

Wild Oak Tree

Environment block

There are +55 new items!

Have fun exploring these amazing biomes!



  • Compatibility with yBrothers useful items
  • A lot of improvement in the performance of yBiomes Craft, removing unecessary ticks that slowed down the game and excessive spawning of animals!


  • Added a new identity for all biomes in the game, with unique generations!
  • Ominous Grove no longer generates in the world (for now), but its blocks can still be accessed by the creative!


Added Palm Trees

Flower Forest now generates in groups scattered across the plains

Snow players no longer generate on top of a blackberry bush

Snow layers now generate fixed and scattered only on solid ground in the cold taiga!

Changes in the ground material of the cold taiga

Clayey coil and gilded soil now spawn in swamps and rivers!

Steppes now only spawn on plains

Swamp Mushrooms now generateds in the jungle as well

Removed generation of clayey soil and dark oak trees from savannas

Generation of large pine trees and organized taiga vegetation

Custom mushrooms are now also generated on mushroom islands

Pines, spruces, oaks, birchs, and swamp trees are now taller

Wild Oak trees are now smaller when not growt by a sapling

Cherry trees are now smaller when not growt by a sapling

Mossy Cobblestone Clusters now generate in a birch and taiga forests


  • Addon animals correctly spawn on the ground
  • Removed Frog
  • Removed Firefly
  • For good performance, animals that are not tamed will despawn when the player moves far enough way!


  • Added Surface Rocks
  • Added Tiny Cactus
  • Added Wild Mushrooms
  • Removed Persistent Purple Fog when stepping on ominus sand
  • Models changed to lotus flowers
  • Weeping Willow Herbs now always grow 1 block down, instead of 6
  • Removed Giant Tundra Bushes
  • Changed the texture of some blocks
  • Leaf particles now fall from the correct center position of the block
  • Cattaild can now be placed in clayey soil
  • Custom Mushrooms can now be placed on mycelium, tones, and other blocks


All flowers and bushes in the addon can now be used to craft dyes corresponding to their color!

All flowers and bushes in the addon are now obtainable by the creative and have their own icon

Items rearranged in inventory

mcpeaddons download


Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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