Pokemetels Fantasy (Bounty Update + Lots More)

You can find spell books, learn spells, make different wands, get wand attachments like quartz or amethyst, and more in Pokemetels Fantasy addon, which used to be just wizardry and magic. You can learn 30 spells within basic wizardry and make your own in custom spell crafting, and a ton more and insanely powerful spells are being added with elemental magic. You can also fight fantasy and fairy tale creatures or make friends with them.

Cre: Pokemetel (Youtube)

Pokemetels Fantasy

Big thanks to the addon creator pixeleddoki

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Plans for Pokemetels Fantasy addon

  • Basic wizardry: Done
  • Custom spell crafting: Done
  • Elemental wizardry: Not started
  • Witchery: Started
  • Steampunk: Not started

Your all awesome! Thanks for trying out and playing my fantasy/fairy tale world!

Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy

So, to begin, you climb a tree, gather leaves using sheers, and then carve a stick from that type of leaf out of wood. After that, you build your wand with the wood carver and a stick. Then you can locate a mythical flower or resource that, when used in crafting, produces mythical dust, which is then employed in subsequent preparations.

However, you can use the dust to create the mythic dart magic, your first spell, using a book as a tool. It’s a common spell that when used will indicate that the user has learned mythic dart. When you use the activation arrows on your wand to access your hotbar Arrows that allow you to cycle through your spells will take the place of two of your hotbar slots. To deactivate the arrows, use the wand once more with the title “arrows” above your hotbar.

After that, you can kill enemies and search dungeon chests for spellbooks. Uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and elemental are all available. You will not be able to cast rare or higher spells if you just start off; you must find or create these things, known as spell research. One mythological dust, a book, and a quill are the ingredients. However, let’s assume that if you create or discover 30 of them, you will receive a notice stating that you are able to learn unusual spells occasionally, such as for epic it will be more and such.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

You can become an elemental wizard once you have mastered all 30 spells, from common to legendary. In other words, once you have this trait, your spirit is totally devoted to that one aspect. I could only learn and practice ice magic if I became an ice wizard.

This you can discover by acquiring a book on elemental spells. There will also be wizard towers that can spawn, although ordinary wizards cannot learn these spells. Copper and crystals like amythest are also available. You can then use a crystal and your wand to create copper wire, which you can use to create a variety of effects depending on the crystal you choose to attach to your wand. I’m also open to suggestions for additional items you believe ought to be included.

Mage light spell ^

Survival play “starting off”

If you were playing in survival mode, your first purchase would be sheers. After that, you would use the sheers to obtain a leaf block. Next, create a woodcarver. To make your stick, craft the carver using the leaf block. To get your wand, craft the carver with the stick once more. Then, if you haven’t already chosen, you wish to obtain mythological dust by discovering mythic flowers or ore. You will combine a book and some dust to create your first spell. A weak common spell is mythic dart.

You use your wand to summon purple arrows called next and back to cast spells. When you have cycled to the spell you want to employ, utilize these arrows to cycle between your spells. Use your wand to cast your spell; some spells require repeated casting to deactivate because they are constant.

Pokemetels Fantasy

Some addons for Minecraft PE are similar to Pokemetels Fantasy addon you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

Blackhole Spell ^

Certain spells such as black hole and ice golem will tag you and any player within a 3 block range of you so they wont be affected by the spell

To get mythic dust you have to craft a mortar and pestle, which then you place down to use it you interact with it while holding a mythic crystal

Pokemetels Fantasy


Pokemetels Fantasy

You must first locate a villager who is a cleric, level him up to his maximum level, and then he will trade you the lamp for two nether stars in order to summon the genie.

Once you acquire the lamp, you can rub it to “use it” the genie, who will grant you three wishes. You can then place the lamp down and exchange your desire items for the lamp’s trades.

When you have obtained all three wishes, you can use the lamp to make a wish and then interact with the genie while holding it; if you do so, he will change his form and won’t disappear.

Pokemetels Fantasy

[Cosmic Genie Boss]

To summon him you have to max out a cleric villager and he will have the black lamp as a trade for 1 nether star use it to summon,

He shoots big red orbs and gives wither within a 4 block radius and hovers

Health: 3000

Loot: cosmic genie staff, nether star and empty black lamp as a trophy along with 800 xp

Custom Spell Crafting

Pokemetels Fantasy

Making your own bespoke spells requires creating different spell aspects and merging them.
There are 256 different combinations that can be made.
In order to equip spell aspects to spell slots, you must first have 100 spell research. Once you have 100 research, however, you must create a custom spell building table.

Pokemetels Fantasy

After creating the unique spell wand in a standard crafting table, you can proceed to the table and begin creating aspects.
You can only have a maximum of 5 aspects per spell slot, so you must first choose the slot you want to equip the aspect to.
Each element has a unique impact or power, such as frost’s capacity to cause slowness or beam’s ability to produce a beam.
You must create the reset aspect in the custom spell creation table in order to reset a spell slot.

The Muffin man

However, I’d advise against attacking him because he’s a good guy and you’d be seen as evil for doing so. He’ll also not hesitate to end you, he’ll throw down flour to blind you and summon evil gingerbread men, and if you do manage to kill him in hes a friendly guy who gives muffins when you take some time to chat with him. However, everything he makes becomes alive and hates being eaten.

Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy

Bountys and Bounty Hunter Guid

Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy
Pokemetels Fantasy

Becoming a bounty hunter:

Finding a bounty leader, who will randomly spawn in forests, is necessary to become a bounty hunter. When you interact with him while holding 40 gold or more, he will take the 40 gold and give you your license. Once you have collected a certain number of bounties, you can use the license to get your reward, which is bounty hunter armor. basic, medium, high, and maximum levels of armor

Basic – 10 gold bounty: 10, 50 gold bounty: 3, 108 gold bounty: 1

Medium – 10 gold bounty: 20, 50 gold bounty: 10, 108 gold bounty: 5

High – 10 gold bounty: 30, 50 gold bounty: 15, 108 gold bounty: 10

Max – 10 gold bounty: 50, 50 gold bounty: 30, 108 gold bounty: 20

Guns such as the flintlock, musket and musketoon will be added in the future

Salchels and Pouchets

New ores

Pokemetels Fantasy

Video Guide For Starting Out

video is a lil out dated 


This add-on was published on Mcpeaddons.com, you are not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or application of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator

but feel free to learn from it


Updated visuals on some spells and ice golem
Fixed muffin man house
Added bounty guild and rewards
Added bounty leader that will spawn in forests and such which when u interact with him while holding atleast 40 gold youl join the guild if u hold iron youl leave the guild, when u use the bounty license itl tell u how many more bountys u need and if u have enough youl get your reward 
added 4 different rewards to the bounty guild which is bounty hunter armor that gets better which each teir
Added leather crafting items for satchels and such
Changed mythic flower texture again
Added silver, tin, nickel and platinum ore along with there raw drops and there ingots
When you put a mythic flower into the crafting table instead of getting a mythic crystal youl get a few mythic flower petals which can be used in the motaor and pestle to get mythic dust, so each flower will give 5 petals so 5 mythic dust per flower
Fixed custom spell crafting table
Added new model to ice golem and tweaked hes behaviors a bit
Added satchels and pouches
Added tanning rack (where you craft diffeent leather peices and parts and items)
Fixed the mythic flower (now generates)
Fixed some other bugs
Added bountys, added bounty boards and some other bounty related stuff
Pokemetels Fantasy

Download Pokemetels Fantasy (Behavior) or Download Backup Link

Download Pokemetels Fantasy (Resource) or Download Backup Link

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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