Weapons 3D (Big Update) V1.1.0

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Not only 6 materials for weapons in Minecraft, but Weapons 3D will also bring 9 hammers and 4 shields for your game with 3D style. So cool!

Creator: Noah22nice (Twitter, Youtube)

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Weapons 3D Addon

There are 9 Hammers and 4 Shields.

The effect and attack Hammers are in the sword category in your creative inventory and the mining hammers are in the pickaxe category!

The shields are in your general weapon inventory category of the creative inventory!

The Mining Hammers

Stone Hammer

  • Damage: 3
  • Break 2×2 Blocks (only in survival)

Metal Hammer

  • Damage: 3
  • Break 3×3 blocks

The Effect Hammers

Crystal Hammer

  • Damage: 3
  • Gives you Health Boost and Regeneration

Glowstone Hammer

  • Damage: 3
  • Give you Night Vision

Prismarine Hammer

  • Give you Water Breathing

The Attack Hammers

The Gold Hammer

  • Damage: 10

The Diamond Hammer

  • Damage: 15

The Netherite Hammer

  • Damage: 20

The Lava Hammer

  • Damage: 10

The Nail Hammer

  • Damage: 20

The Skull Hammer

  • Damage: 30

The Shield

Small Shield

Nether Shield

Iron Shield

Goat shield

Every Hammer and Shield has first and third-person attack animations

You can have every shield in your main and in your second hand!!

You can get every Hammer with the command: /function all_weapon or in the creative inventory! (Shields are only available in the creative inventory right now)


  • Fixed Bugs
  • Improved the Addon for 1.19
  • Added shields to the Addon

Activate the Experimental Features!

Weapons 3D

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