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DARK7MC‘s Pack

DARK7MC’s PackDARK7MC's Pack

DARK7MC’s Pack is a pack of great and different addons that I consider to be ones of the best addons that I have ever tried, I put them together, because I was facing the problem of incompatibility, and the difficulty of finding the right order for the addons to work fine. I hope you like this addon.

Note: I didn’t make any of these addons , I just compiled them and combined them into a single addon.

I’ve combined 9 addons in DARK7MC’s Pack:

1- Mythological Creatures

Creator: XPandaGamerXx

Addon Link:  https://mcpeaddons.com/mythological-creatures-beta-v3-5-add-on-for-mcpe/

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This addon adds mythological creatures that added a little more variety to minecraft bedrock, these creatures appear in any biome.

You can also tame some creatures like the ice drake.

Ice DrakeDARK7MC's Pack

When Drake dies, it does not drop anything. The Drake can be tamed with any raw meat, when the drake is left unconscious on the ground, it should be noted that if you take too long to tame the drake, it will die. (The mount can be placed on it but you don’t have to be sitting on it, just leave it tight with the mount in hand and it will be placed).

Drake Armor:DARK7MC's Pack

The ice drake armor takes away your slowness, and when walking through the water it will turn to ice, these functions only apply if you have the full armor equipped. (You can also remove the slowness that the minotaur’s ax gives you).

HippocampusDARK7MC's Pack

Seahorses are found throughout the oceans throughout Minecraft. It can also be tamed with Seaweed, the mount used is a normal Minecraft. By killing the hippocampus, it will release its scales with which you can make a potion of aquatic respiration, you only need 3 flasks of bottles with water, a nether wart and flame dust (blaze dust).

Diving System: To deactivate, just press the jump button once, once that is done, you can look up without going up or down from the water, to reactivate the hippocampal diving, you just have to press the jump button again, once that is done you can look up and rise to the surface or dive into the depths.

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CockatriceDARK7MC's Pack

The cockatrice appears in all biomes and places in the world as a hen, cockatrice love to play with their prey and kill them slowly, mostly they kill their prey in a herd. Do not eat their meat raw because it may make you hungrier, cook the meat of the cockatrice and eat it.

WendigoDARK7MC's Pack

The wendigo appears at night in the woods, there is a possibility that the wendigo will summon clones of itself and attack you. When killing the wendigo, it will release its head to have it as an ornament in your equipment, it will also release its claws with the power to summon small wendigos, they work more as a trap.

TrollDARK7MC's Pack

The troll is a Mob (creature) that is found in caves, these creatures have a brutal strength as well as they have a high life, when you hurt the troll, from time to time it will release its troll meat with which you can consume and have night vision and strength 3. The troll at the moment of seeing a flash of light, will become a stone statue, that stone statue can be broken using any pick (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite).

2- Crafting Station

Creator: Mohamed wageh

Addon Link: https://mcpedl.com/crafting-station-addon/DARK7MC's Pack

Crafting Station add-on that add new block that you can use to make all un crafting recipes for those almost all items and blocks that you can’t craft such as Totem, Horse Armors, spawner eggs and more. In this add-on you can craft new block (Crafting Station) with one Crafting Table.DARK7MC's Pack

The crafting station does not differ from the crafting table only in form, but also in its uses in this crafting you can craft all recipes for those almost all items and blocks that you can’t craft with crafting station.

3- Transparent Inventory

Creator: CdrSilver7

Addon Link: https://mcpedl.com/transparent-inventory-for-pvp/DARK7MC's PackDARK7MC's Pack

Do you find yourself dying to people a lot? This texture pack makes the survival inventory transparent and also adds a Java edition inventory menu style. This helps with PvP as you can see if anyone is approaching you or if you are being attacked. I made it for Hive Treasure wars, but can be used in other Survival worlds/servers. This can help you from being caught by surprise and possibly help you win more games. It creates a see-through inventory that allows you to see more while you are in your inventory, adds a java edition style recipe and creative menu, this can help by making the inventory screen greyed out and translucent so you can see approaching players and be more aware of your surroundings. It increases the transparency to around 25%.

DARK7MC's PackDARK7MC's Pack

Note: I used some code from Clean Java Inventory

4- Black Dragon Wings

Creators: Gegy1000 (Wings Model)/Zahf22 (Wings code)

Mod Link (Gegy 1000): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/wearables

Addon Link (Zahf22): https://mcpeaddons.com/expansive-fantasy-minecraft-pe-addons/

DARK7MC's PackThis addon adds wearable black dragon wings, which enables the player to fly, hover in the air and move at great speed.

  • To wear wings: right click
  • To activate flying: right click
  • To fly: jump button
  • To stay in the air: double click the jump button
  • To desactivate flying: sneak
  • To remove wings: sneak+right click
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DARK7MC's Pack

DARK7MC's PackIt also adds bloody zombies and some other items.

-For craft the dragon wings, you need to get some items: 4 Blood Diamonds and Bat wings.

-To get bat wings, you must kill a bat.

-For craft Blood Diamond, you need 1 diamond and 4 Blood Buckets.

-To get Blood Buckets you must kill bloody zombies (they have the same characteristics as regular zombies).DARK7MC's Pack

For more information about this addon click here.

5- Bedrock Tweaks

Creator: DrAv0011

Addon Link: https://mcpedl.com/bedrock-tweaks-addon/

DARK7MC's Pack

Improve your Game Experience with Bedrock Tweaks.
A custom pack picker to allow you choose whatever you want in the game!

It’s really a great addon, but I’m done with Fast Crafting.

6-DarkAge Bizarre

Creator: PeterGamer XD

Addon Link: https://mcpeaddons.com/darkage-bizarre-addon-for-minecraft/

Unbound Elemental

DARK7MC's Pack

The unbound elemental is a very powerful mob, its projectiles leave craters that look as if an asteroid fell there, it summons unboneds that help it in its slaughter.DARK7MC's Pack

It appears asleep in a structure that appears in the forest and if you hit it it will wake up and It will begin its attack and absorb the fire and lava. When it dies, it drops unbound crystal, unbound orb, netherite and bones.

You can craft Unbound Elemental Spawn Egg:DARK7MC's Pack

Stinky Mask

DARK7MC's Pack

Stinky Mask gives you full armor points.

-You can craft on this mask, to do this you need:4 Blood Diamands and a Skeleton Head.

-You can craft Skeleton Head by using Crafting Station.

Unbound Staff

DARK7MC's Pack

It is a very powerful staff, it shoots Unbound projectiles and if you crouch and press, unboneds will come out that will attack all mobs except the player and follow you if you have the staff in hand. Materials: unbound orb, unbound crystal and nagars wood.

-You can get unbound orb and unbound crystal by killing Unbound elemental.

-You can get nagars wood by killing Pumpk-Ent.


Creator: Moogaming227

Addon Link: https://mcpeaddons.com/minecraft-bedrock-pumpk-ents/

DARK7MC's Pack

Happy Halloween! Pumpk-Ents have invaded your Minecraft World! These Pumpk-Ents are a rare occurrence, but are very challenging to defeat! Will you be able to take down one of these mighty Halloween creatures?

This addon adds Pumpk-Ents that will spawn rarely in the forests of Minecraft. Currently, there are three different variations of the Pumpk-Ent: Oak, Birch, and Dark Oak. They are very powerful, with 250 health and have a heavy attack of 12 damage (Dont try to take this guy out without iron armor!). They are hostile towards any player, villager, or pillagers.

You can craft Pumpk-Ent Spawn Egg:DARK7MC's Pack

8-Elytra Models

Creator: Dredding2000

Addon Link: https://mcpeaddons.com/elytra-models-minecraft-pe-texture-packs/

DARK7MC's Pack

Want a more exciting elytra glider? These elytra models will change up your game. Either for roleplay toy story, being small, be part phantom or dragon.

DARK7MC's Pack

It’s fun to change things up. Now added The Super Pack that adds in hero and villain style elytra models, and added 9 new elytra models.

The Animals and Creatures Pack adds in 19 more elytra models where you turn into the animal or creature you choose.DARK7MC's Pack

9-Durability Viewer

Creator: LukasPAH

Addon Link: https://mcpeaddons.com/durability-viewer-resource-pack-for-minecraft/

DARK7MC's Pack

Are you frustrated by the lack of information about your tools and armor given in-game. Are you frustrated that Mojang hasn’t added an actual durability viewer that works on all platforms?

DARK7MC's Pack

Need not to worry as, yet again, the community seems to be doing more for Minecraft Bedrock Edition than Mojang these days!


  • Import packages

  • Enable all the experimental game  and education edition features

  • Enjoy 🙂

DARK7MC's Pack

#PixelArtMinecraft #HalloweenPixel2022

DARK7MC's Pack

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