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The Milk Walker Ambassador is a mystic creature that first appeared in a tweet by Trevor Henderson. It’s rumored to have special abilities such as corrupting electrical systems.

Creator: SC MZM GUY (Twitter)

New Mob add in Minecraft

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  • Health: 800
  • Damage: 50
  • Drop: None
  • Ability: Can kill you


  • Health: 8000
  • Damage: 5
  • Drop: None
  • If the creature was killed by the Hugger. That being will become a fiber that looks like a human (+300 Attack Damage)


  • Health: 150
  • Damage: NaN
  • Drop: None
  • Eat coins and friendly


  • Health: 8000
  • Attack: 100
  • Drop: Spoiled Milk
  • If you run away, it will run after you.

How to summon Milk Walker ?

There are two methods

Method 1:

  • Command /summon sc:milk_water or
  • Summon in Item spawn egg (Item name: Spawn Milk Water)

Method 2:

You can ceremony Summon MilkWalker item spawn egg

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(Item Name: Spoiled milk) and Press the button Summon

What NEW Item?

Add item name: Spoiled Milk

It is a useless item and you can drink it to effect debuff.

How to craft?

  • Milk Walker is spawn in forest at night 1-5% and kill you
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