Warden Concept Replicas Addon

Minecraft Live 2020 – Have you seen it?

Warden Concept Replicas added a bunch of new features, mobs, and even a new generation of caves!! Warden is one of the mobs that live in the darkest deep cave. The player can be killed with 2 hits from Warden even when you wear a Netherite armor

Cre: ilosemypotato (Twitter)

Warden Concept Replicas

Warden has a blue horn and a creepy like a monster. They spawn on the cave, so you can find it in the survival world, but it spawns rarely.


  • Warden blind but it can hear the vibration that causes by walking and some projectiles that you shoot. It includes arrow, snowball, egg, and trident
Warden Concept Replicas

This monster can haunt you everywhere in caves, be careful!!

How does the mechanic work?

  • Attract him with the arrow and the trident. This mob will follow a vibration that you cause
  • Warden will hear you when you open a container nearby it
  • Try to sneak when walking that avoids the vibration. If they find out you, they will follow you and track the vibrate. The best way is to run to avoid it

Other features Warden Concept Replicas

  • Warden doesn’t drop loot yet
  • It will drop XP after you kill the Warden
  • The heart and some of the dots around the mouth is glow
  • The heartbeat will glow and give a heartbeat sound nearby. The heartbeat ticking will increase if it is angry!

Horn no longer glow due to bugs ( Will be fixed if possible )

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Note from creator

You are PROHIBITED to use any code from my add-ons. STEALING IS PROHIBITED.
Credit me by putting my username + the MCPEDL link.
DO NOT credit me with MediaFire! ( PROHIBITED )


– Fixed Bug:
+ Egg and snowball will now cause vibration
+ Fixed bug when warden doesn’t attack the player
– Opening a container will now cause vibration,
– Reduced attack damage: 60 – 130 damage,
– Changed: Warden health with 2 groups, it will randomize between 84 health point or 100 health point
– Warden will now make a vibration sound when has a target,
– Warden horn will move if hear an entity walk nearby.


Warden Concept Replicas

Warden Concept Replicas Behavior pack (support creator)

Warden Concept Replicas Resource pack (support creator)

Or you can get it here (Drive):

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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