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Meds addon is a lightweight and fast solution if you are in a battle and need to heal often. They do not need too many resources to craft and can come in handy if you know how to use them properly.

Introducing medicines! You can heal with just a simple click. 

Cre: Skybord32222 (Twitter)


Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Some items from Meds Addon that inform you:


Bandages can be heal a small amount of health in a short period of time, around 3 hearts.

Meds Addon

It takes 3 wool blocks to craft, placed in a horizontal direction. You can make 6 bandages.


Painkillers recover a large amount of health over a period of time. It also gives you resistance for a while which protects you from most damage. If you are going to explore a cave with some unknown monster in it, you should take these before heading in.

Meds Addon

The painkillers are made of 3 bone meals placed around a wheat seed. This makes 2 painkillers.

First-aid kits

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

First-aid kits can heal all your health in a very short period of time. These can come in handy in emergencies, such as when you have 1 heart left and someone is going you give you a critical hit.

Meds Addon

It takes one bandage and painkillers to make.


Medkits are very powerful as they can heal 3 times as much as what first-aid kits can. It also gives you resistance which lasts for a while. If you have accidentally fallen into lava, this can give you another chance of surviving.

Meds Addon

It takes one first-aid kit and 2 bandages to make

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can give you energy and health, that’s why it’s called energy drink! You can get faster and it heals your health over time. Perfect for a quick getaway if you encountered a large number of mobs.

Meds Addon

Adrenaline Shot

Combination of both energy drinks and pills, but more powerful! It heals more and lasts longer. Using it in midair when you jump from a very high place, you can survive the fall with most of your health left!

Meds Addon

It takes one painkiller and one energy drink to make.

Getting items

You can get these items by following the recipes shown above to craft. However, what do you do when you are creative? Get the same stuff and craft it again?

You can obtain it using the: /give command

Meds Addon

he identifier for all meds all start with “meds:”. Identifiers for all items are shown above.


In the current version, you should only see the names of these items in English or in Chinese depending on your game language. If you wish to add texts for all languages, you can contact me.

List of available languages & credits:

  1. en_US/GB – me
  2. zh_CN/TW – me

HOWEVER, if you see something like “”, contact me immediately.

Active “Gameplay Experimental” is important to use Addons.


Meds Addon

Download Meds Addon (Support Creator)

Download Meds Addon (Drive)

More addons similar Meds Addons for those who love to use some addons in Minecraft world, download link below:

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