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Cedar Camp Resort is a Fictional Cedar Fair Park I created. Inspired by my 5 favorite theme parks: Cedar Point Knott’s Berry Farm Dorney Park Kings Dominion  and Six Flags Magic Mountain. The Park Features 27 (17 Cedar Camp) (10 Soak City and Galactic Adventures) Coaster with pixelated realistic appearance and the rides are rideable except carnival flat rides Jus 99% of Roller coasters Scenic/Dark Rides and Water Rides. Some Flat Rides are rideable that contain tracks in them. Looping Coasters don’t actually invert but you can always simulate with the right joystick or mouse with the movements but the inversions are also for decoration and scenery. It took me 11 months to get to this current state of progress. 

Cre: Kevin Quirarte

Map Features: 

  • 27 Roller Coaster 
  • 17 Cedar Camp
  • 10 Soak City and Galactic Adventures
  • Over 8 Water Rides
  • Realistic Looking 
  • Tracked Rides are Rideable
  • Camp Snoopy
  • New Park: Soak City and Suburb Adventures
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Keep a heads up with my updates Cedar Camp Resort, don’t expect them too instantly since it’s done on my Nintendo Switch. Since that’s the console I’m always on. The updates are slow because of budget cuts and not by progress I’m in.

  • Cedar Camp Roller Coaster:
  • Adrenaline Rush ( Intamin Strata Coaster) Hurricane has been relocated 
  • Sunburst (B&M Floorless Looping) 
  • Sierra Sidewinder (Mack Spin Coaster)
  • Pony Express (Zamperla Bike Coaster)
  • Iron Dragon ( B&M Inverted Coaster)
  • Mean Streak ( GCI Wooden Coaster)
  • Gold Striker ( Gerstlauer Infinity EuroFighter Coaster)
  • Gold Mine ( Arrow Family Mine Coaster)
  • Wooden Mine Train ( Arrow Family Mine Coaster)
  • Racing Timbers (Dual RMC Hybrid)
  • Mine Drop of DOOM ( B&M Dive Coaster)
  • VOLCANO: Lave Fight ( B&M Wing 4-D Coaster)
  • The Vernon 300 ( Intamin Giga Coaster)
  • The Mamba ( B&M Hyper Coaster) 
  • The Niagara Falls ( Mack Water Coaster)
  • New* Poltergeist Revenge ( Mack Multi Launch Loop Coaster)
  • Soak City and Galactic Adventures Park ( 2nd Park)
  • Kamikaze ( RMC Raptor)
  • Saturn ( Vekoma SLC Inverted Coaster)
  • Wooden Timbur ( Dinn Corporation Wooden Coaster)
  • Jupiter Storm ( Schwarzkopf Looper) 
  • Rocket Twister (Intamin Impulse Coaster formerly located at Cedar Camp Resort as Hurricane)
  • Chaos Flight ( Vekoma Suspended Swing Coaster)
  • Rocket Express( Zamperla Wild Mouse)
  • Sky Rocker ( Premier Rides Sky Rocket II )
  • Skywarp ( Skyline Attractions Skywarp)
  • Aqualoop ( Mack Power Splash with Loop)
Cedar Camp Resort mcpe map
Cedar Camp Resort mcpe map
Cedar Camp Resort mcpe map
Cedar Camp Resort mcpe map
Cedar Camp Resort mcpe map
Cedar Camp Resort mcpe map

If playing Cedar Camp Resort on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch since these machines are properly Computers won’t even bother reading their Hard Drives.

Nintendo Switch/Xbox One: Use Realms and Have a PC or Smartphone (iOS/Android) that has a copy of Minecraft. Cheapest option is your smartphone. (modafinil online pharmacy uk)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

  • On iOS Connect to iTunes or convert it to .mcworld
  • On Android just drag the .zip to the minecraftworlds


mcpeaddons download

Download .zip file

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