Terraria Bedrock Addon for Minecraft PE

Do you think you could use some of Terraia’s ores, tools, weapons, enemies, bosses, and biomes in Minecraft? Let try to download Terraria Bedrock Addon which adds a bunch of Terrarias features!

Cre: LanceLikesSause Dev, Youtube, Twitter

What can you do in this addon? Fight the Eye of Cthulu, dig for rare ores, explore the dangerous Crimson biome, and much more! Let explore now

Weapons Terraria Bedrock Addon


Bee KeeperBlade of GrassBlood ButcherBlue Phaseblade
Bone SwordCactus SwordCopper SwordEbonwood Sword
Enchanted SwordFiery GreatswordGold SwordIron Sword
Lead SwordLight’s BaneMarumasaNight’s Edge
Platinum SwordRich Mahogany SwordShadewood SwordSilver Sword
StarfuryTin SwordTungsten SwordWooden Sword
Zombie Arm

Bows – Axes – Armors – Pickaxes

Bows Axes Armors Pickaxes
Copper BowCopper AxeCopperBone Pickaxe
Tendon BowTin AxeCrimsonCactus Pickaxe
Demon BowIron AxeShadowCopper Pickaxe
Gold BowLead AxeGoldDeathbringer
Molten FurySilver AxeMoltenNightmare
Iron BowTungsten AxeIronGold Pickaxe
Lead BowGolden AxeLeadMolten Pickaxe
Platinum BowPlatinum AxeMeteorIron Pickaxe
Silver BowThe War Axe of NightPlatinumLead Pickaxe
The Bee’s KneesBlood Lust ButcherSilverPlatinum Pickaxe
Tin BowMolten HamaxeTinSilver Pickaxe
Tungsten BowMeteor AxeTungstenTin Pickaxe
Wooden BowTungsten Pickaxe

Minecraft Gun Mod

Boomarangs – Throwables – Guns – Accessories

Boomarangs Throwables Guns Accessories
Wooden BoomarangPoison KnivesBoomstickLava Charm
Enchanted BoomarangThrowing KnivesFlintlock PistolAglet
FlamarangBonesHandgunBalloon Pufferfish
ShurikensMinisharkHermes Boots
MusketBand of Regeneration
Phenoix BlasterShiny Red Balloon
The UndertakerUmbrella
Space Gun

Healing Items – Other Items Terraria Bedrock Addon

Healing ItemsOther Items
Featherfall PotionRecall PotionBugnetLiving Wood Wand
Gravitation PotionRegeneration PotionDepth MeterMusket Ball
Healing PotionWormhole PotionMagic MirrorWooden Arrow
Ironskin PotionAleEmpty BucketPiggy Bank
Lesser Healing PotionBezoarHoney BucketWater Bucket
Lesser Mana PotionBottled HoneyLava BucketWhoopie Cushions
Mana PotionCarton of MilkLeaf Wand
Mining PotionCream SodaLife Crystal
Obsidian Skin Potion

Magic Items

  • Aqua Scepter
  • Flower of Fire
  • Space Gun
  • Beegun
  • Book of Skulls
  • Waterbolt


  • Beenade
  • Bomb
  • Dynamite
  • Grenade

Summoning Items

  • Crimson Rod
  • Hornet Staff
  • Nectar
  • Slime Staff

Biomes and Structures

Terraria Bedrock addon replace all vanilla Minecraft biomes

The Snow Biome

The Desert Biome

The Crimson Forest

  • Biome Corruption, Jungle, Cavern, Ice,  Underground Desert/Jungle/Mushroom

Corruption Biome – Terraria Bedrock Addon


Random Chest

Meteorite Crater



Eye of Cthulhu

Here you can see flies around and swoops in occasionally and even creates tiny eyes. In the second stage, they will stop spawning in millions and it will swoop in more often, dealing more damage and faster speed

Brain of Cthulhu

In the first stage, it will fly around the player and spawn minions ones, they are also occasionally fly-in
In the second stages, it will teleport around

King Slime

They will bounce and summon in slimes


To summon Skeletron, let going to a dungeon which generates in plains biomes

Eater of Worlds


and many more


Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Lead Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Tungsten Ore, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Crimtane Ore, Hellstone Ore, Ruby Ore, and Sapphire Ore


All mobs in Terraria Bedrock addon drop coins, you just need to collect these coins and use them with NPCs to get items

Tiers of the coin:

The first is the copper coin, the second is silver coins, then is the gold coin, and finally is the platinum coin


  • Merchant
  • Nurse
  • Demolitionist
  • Arm’s Dealer
  • Old Man
  • Guide


  • Blood Moon
  • Goblin Army
  • Slime Rain
  • Rain

More credit:

All assets either belong to or are inspired by Relogic’s Terraria.
Originally an update to JourneyCraft by Klutzyy.
Created and developed by LanceLikesSause.
Some assets (workbench, furnace, trees, armors, and some others) from Ryorama’s terraria mod.
The dungeon structure was built by LanceLikesSause, Ryorama, and other discord mods&devs.
Purity Grass, Crimson Grass, Corrupted Grass, Dirt, and Mud made by or are an edited version of a texture made by TofuOfApple


Terraria Bedrock Addon
– Added:
+ Mobs: Harpy, Antlion Charger
+ Blocks: Cactus Toliet, Piggy Bank (must tame them with any coin), Moon glow, Fireblossom, Deathweed, Blinkroot
+ Items: Feather, Lesser Mana Potion, Mana Potion, Invisibility Potion, Iron Skin Potion, Feather Fall Potion, Mining Potion, Mana Crystals, Copper Shortsword, Demon Scythe, Spiky Ball, Mana Crystal, Whoopie Cushion
– Changes:
+ The player no longer has to use the “!” item to change their difficulty when creating a world instead the prompt automatically pops up.
+ The Spike block, Harpy, Antlion, Antlion Charger, Blood Crawler, Blood Zombie, Brain of Cthulhu, Cave Bat, Creeper, Crimera, Demon, Demon Eye, Eater of Souls, Eye of Cthulhu, Voodoo Demon, Pinky, Lava Slime, Hellbat, and Hellforge’s assets were updated.
+ Throwing items now all play their correct sound effects when used.
+ …
– Fixes & Tweaks
+ Fixed a bug where ores would spawn on the wrong y levels. They now spawn more like how they do in Terraria.
+ Removed main menu music.
+ Fixed a bug where the bottom of crimson, corruption, and mushroom grasses would have an outdated texture.
+ Fixed a bug where the Crimson Rod didn’t require mana to use.
+ Fixed the sun’s texture.
+ Fixed a bug where players could attack NPCs.
+ ….


Terraria Bedrock Addon

Download Terraria Bedrock Addon
or download here (gg drive)

Discord Server

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theres an annoying flashing cursor in the middle oif the screen how do i turn it off

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