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Ben 10

Cre: TheCommanderCreeper, Twitter, Youtube

Ben 10 (Benjamin Tennyson) who is the protector of the Earth is in Minecraft with this addon.

Ben discovers the Omnitrix which can help Ben transform into various weird aliens to defeat monsters that protect everyone

In order for Ben 10 to save in the Minecraft world, he needs the help of Gwen’s magic power, combat skills and weapons of Grandpa Max.

Let’s see how hero Ben and his companions use their power and skills to defeat enemies in the Minecraft world.

Features Ben 10 Add-on:

Benjamin Tennyson:

When you are spawn or summon Ben, he does not have Omnitrix. You must place the Omnitrix near him so Ben can take and use it to transform.

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:ben10
  • 40 Health
  • Melee Attack Damage: 3
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can get the Omnitrix if it near to him
  • If it has Omnitrix, it will drop Omnitrix when death

How to Ben get Omnitrix?

Place it near to him so he will get and use it for alien transformation. You can find the Omnitrix on the spawn eggs section.

Minecraft Gun Mod

Behavior of the Omnitrix ben 10 :

It is Ben’s watch, which he uses to transform into an alien. Some limitations of the Omnitrix:

  • The first is the time to transform aliens
  • The second is the recharge time

When Ben get omnitrix

  • He can transform into any alien he likes
  • Time is on alien transform: 80 seconds
  • It will turn red when the charge runs out
  • Time to Omnitrix recharge: 30s
  • He can transform again with Omnitrix is green or fully recharged.

Ben 10 Aliens:

Ben Aliens has 80 seconds before he goes back to human form. Special, when any alien make too much damage, Ben will go back normal form

Doesn’t replace any entity in the game

All alien has own spawn egg


It’s a Dog-like alien. He can jump high and has sharp claws. Although Wildmutt alien is blind, he has a strong sense

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:wildmutt
  • 70 Heath
  • 6 Melee Damage
  • Wildmutt can sit and jump
  • Attack monster
  • Leasable

Four Arms

It’s a four-armed alien. He has a size, weight, and strength so big

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:four_arms
  • 90 Health
  • 7 – 15 Melee Damage
  • 100 Knockback resistance
  • Can break blocks and attack monsters but move slower
  • Immune to fall damage

Greymatter Ben 10

It’s a dwarf-size alien who is very weak when he attacks. But Greymatter is very smart and not easily detected by other mods

  • 35 Health
  • 1 Melee Damage
  • 0.3 Scale
  • Attack monster
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:greymatter


It’s is an alien that has a great amount of speed, tailed, and sharp claws

  • 70 Health
  • 4 Melee damage
  • Moves very fast on water
  • Attack monster
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:accelerate


This is liquid-metal alien who has ability:

  • Merge on objects
  • Upgrade beyond its limits
  • Can shoot lasers
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:upgrade
  • 60 Health
  • 4 Melee Damage
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Attack monster
  • Shoot optic laser
  • Merge on RB (Rust Bucket)

Diamondhead – Ben 10

It’s an diamond-made body, he can shoot diamonds, diamond melee attacking, and summoned diamond spikes

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:diamondhead
  • 70 Health
  • Immune to fall damage
  • 7 Melee Damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Summon diamond spikes and shoot diamond bullets

Ripjaws Ben 10

This is amphibious alien: can swim in the water, has sharp teeth and claws

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:ripjaws
  • 70 Health
  • 6 Melee damage
  • Attack monster
  • Swim faster in water


It’s an insect-like mob with sharp claws. Stinkfly can fly and shoots stinky liquids

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:stinkfly
  • 70 health
  • 5 Melee damage
  • Can fly, shoot stink balls and attack monster


This is a ghost alien with the invisible ability, Ghostfreak has no collision with solid objects

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:ghostfreak
  • 60 Health
  • Melee Damage: 5
  • Immune to fire
  • Can float and attack monster
  • 50% chance of becoming invisible before attacks


This is a shelled alien with powerful claws. Cannonbolt can transform to a hard rolling ball

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:cannonbolt
  • 80 health
  • 5 Melee damage
  • 8 Rolling attack damage
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Break block and attack monster
  • Transform into a rolling ball


This is a fire/flame alien. Heatblast can shoot fires

  • Summon command: /summon ben10:heatblast
  • 70 Health
  • 5 Melee Damage
  • Immune to fire
  • Deals damage on water and rain
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can fly and shoot fires

Ben’s Companions – Ben 10

Gwendolyn Tennyson/Gwen

Gwen is Ben’s cousin. He has magical attacks: shoots magic balls, floats in the air, regenerates

  • Summon command: /summon companion:gwen
  • 40 Health
  • 4 Melee Damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Melee Damage Effect: Nausea
  • Doesn’t deals damage on regeneration
  • Fly in the air, shoot magic ball, summon magic spikes, regenerate health

Maxwell Tennyson/Grandpa Max

Grandpa of Ben 10 and Gwen is a plumber. Max doesn’t have a special power but he has many skills: combat, weapon (3 kinds of Grandpa Max: Max normal, Max with laser gun, Max with robotic arm). It random appears to to spawn

Normal Grandpa Max:

  • Health : 40
  • Melee damage: 4

Grandpa Max with laser gun:

  • 40 Health
  • 6 Melee damage
  • Shoot laser

Grandpa Max with robotic arm:

  • 60 health
  • 10 Melee damage
  • 100 knockback resistance
  • Move fast

RB (Rust Bucket)

This is an old rusty camping vehicle owned by Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max. There are some function to combat

  • Summon command: /summon vehicle:rb
  • 200 health/durability
  • 100 knockback resistance
  • Immune: to fire, to fall damage
  • Mergable/Upgradable by Ben 10 Alien Upgrade
  • Explodes on fatal damage
  • Rideable by players, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max
  • Inventory size is 27
  • Shoot flames, laser beams, plasmas, and rockets; break blocks, attacks monsters

Ben’s Enemies:


She is a sorcerer and a magic caster. Her power like Gwen but she can summon stone creatures

  • Summon command: /summon enemy:charmcaster
  • 50 Health
  • 4 Melee Damage
  • Melee Effect: Nausea
  • Doesn’t deals damage on regeneration
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.
  • Summon stone creature, shoot magic balls, fly in the air, regenerate health

Stone Creature

It’s a entity summoned by Charmcaster

  • Summon command: /summon enemy:stone_creature
  • 10 Health
  • 100 Knockback Resistance
  • 4 Melee Damage
  • Attack: players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB, villagers, and iron golems.

Kevin Levin

Absorb energy from objects, environment, even absorb Ben’s Omnitrix.

  • Summon command: /summon enemy:kevin_levin
  • 60 health
  • 4 Melee Damage
  • 7-15 Charged Melee Damage
  • Shoot energy blasts even you are on recharged mode
  • Absorb Ben’s Omnitrix become Kevin 11
  • Doesn’t deals damage when recharging
  • Knockback resistance greater on the charged mode
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, Rust Bucket, villagers, and iron golems.

Kevin 11

Absorbs Ben’s Omnitrix – Becomes the combination of all of his aliens – Powers plus

  • Summon command: /summon enemy:kevin11
  • 200 health
  • 100 knockback resistance
  • 7 Melee Damage
  • Move fast in the water like accelerate
  • Immune to fire and fall damage
  • Break blocks, swim, fly, jump, summon diamond spikes
  • Shoot diamond bullets, shoot fires, stink fly bullets
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.


A squid-like alien want to get Omnitrix and conquer the world

  • Summon command: /summon enemy:vilgax
  • 200 Health
  • 5 Melee damage
  • 100 knockback resistance
  • Can swim, jump, break blocks
  • Immune to fall damage
  • 30% chance to transform Alien Ben into a normal human (touch his Omnitrix)
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.

Note by The Commander Creeper:

If you are going to feature Ben 10 add-on in YouTube, make sure to give credit to me and don’t claim that the creator of this add-on is you.


Ben 10

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[…] Ben 10 Add-on […]


[…] Ben 10 Add-on […]


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[…] Ben 10 Add-on | Minecraft PE Addon […]


[…] Ben 10 Add-on | Minecraft PE Addon […]


[…] Ben 10 Add-on | Minecraft PE Addon […]

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