Magical Spells [v1.0.0] for MCPE

The Magical Spells is an addon that adds magic XP, levels, and mana systems to Minecraft for you. Some of them require you to have magic levels and mana to use and fight with. 

Cre: Fluffyalien1422 (Youtube, Twitter)

Magical Spells [v1.0.0] Feature 

Magic Leveling

Each spell requires you to reach a certain level to unlock and level them up by collecting lots of Magic XP Orbs in dungeons or in trees. Or more simply you can use spells, Each spell used will give 1 XP and 300 XP is required to level up.

Magic XP Orbs

  • Green: +3 levels
  • Orange: +2 levels
  • Red: +1 levels
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Dungeon Images




Your energy is not regenerated automatically so refill your mana using a mana potion. maximum mana you can increase to 500 by using a Customized Mana Potion. 

Except  Magical Spells [v1.0.0] , some similar addons on our site – MCPE Addons:


All spells are created by crafting spell crafters, to start your magic journey you can craft a spell crafter. 

When you can multi-craft one person, you need to craft a spell parchment inside it. 

With some spells, if you don’t have enough energy, don’t craft it because it can cause material waste. 

The following are the spells included in the add-on and its corresponding energy: 

  • Shooter Spell: shoots projectiles that do 10 damage
  • Time Stop Spell: stops time for 600 ticks (30 seconds), nothing can move (except players), or attack. Projectiles, such as ender pearls, or arrows will float mid-air. All player animations will be disabled.
  • Water Magic: Drowning Spell: shoots a projectile that does 12 damage and will spawn water on impact
  • Fire Magic: Fire Spell: shoots a projectile that does 12 damage and lights the entity on fire for 2 minutes
  • Fire Magic: Fireball Spell: shoots a projectile that explodes on impact
  • Fire Magic: Firestorm Spell: shoots a projectile that will spawn fire on every mob within a 10 block radius of the projectile
  • Lightning Magic: Lightning Spell: shoots a projectile that does 12 damage and spawns lightning on impact
  • Lightning Magic: Thunderstorm Spell: shoots a projectile that will spawn lightning on every mob within a 10 block radius of the projectile
  • Wind Magic: Wind Blast Spell: knocks all mobs around you away from you (they can be knocked through walls, so still useful if your in an enclosed space)
  • Manipulation Magic: Mind Control Spell: allows you to morph into the nearest mob to you for 1,200 ticks (1 minute). Most mobs will not attack you while you are in mind control
  • Manipulation Magic: Bounty Spell: allows you to place a bounty on any entity except players, every other entity within 50 blocks of where the spell was cast will attack the bounty, lasts 40 seconds or until the bounty dies
  • Life Magic: Mana Spell: refills 350 mana on use
  • Life Magic: Healing Spell: gives regeneration 4 for 10 seconds
  • Life Magic: Ring of Life Spell: spawns a 5 block radius ring that will give regeneration 4 to anything that enters it, lasts 20 seconds
  • Conjuration Magic: Golem Spell: spawns iron golems that are passive towards you, uses 125 mana to spawn 1 golem, the maximum golems that can be spawned on one use is 4
  • Conjuration Magic: Armor Spell: spawns better than netherite armor with low durability, uses 125 mana per armor piece
  • Death Magic: Rain of Terror Spell: spawns red rain particles over a 30 block radius that will give slowness and wither to everything that enters it except players, lasts 20 seconds
  • Death Magic: Ring of Death Spell: spawns a 5 block radius ring that will insta-kill anything that enters it except players, lasts 20 seconds. 

Downloads Magical Spells [v1.0.0]

mcpeaddons download

Or here


  • /function ms_settings/always_display_mana: always display mana
  • /function ms_settings/display_mana_when_using_spells: (DEFAULT) display mana when using spells
  • /function ms_settings/recharge_mana_passively: recharges mana by 1 every 40 ticks
  • /function ms_settings/recharge_mana_with_potions: (DEFAULT) recharge mana with potions


In Magical Spells [v1.0.0], eventually you will get to fight the bosses these bosses will be in order and if you don’t kill the boss first you won’t get the spawn egg for the next boss. 

Fire Guardian

Fire is the first one you will encounter. You can damage it with water spells, its ability is to shoot fireballs and summon blazes and ghasts.

  • Health: 600
  • Movement Speed: 0.40
  • Movement Type: Walking
Magical Spells

Wind Guardian

The Wind Guardian’s ability will spawn shulkers and shoot tridents at you, it can only be destroyed by fire spells. When you want to damage it you have to (make sure the spell actually does damage

  • Health: 600
  • Movement Type: Flight
Magical Spells

Water Guardian

Use lightning spells to destroy The Water Guardian. It can only be spawned in deep ocean biomes (any type), its ability is to spawn attack dolphins that have buffed health, speed, and damage. 

  • Health: 600
  • Movement Speed: 0.40
  • Movement Type: Swimming, and walking if necessary
Magical Spells

Lightning Guardian

The Lightning Guardian is the final boss, it can be attacked with anything, but only while time is stopped. The Lightning Guardian can summon charged creepers and throw lightning bolts. On death, it will float upwards, and its body parts will fall on the ground. 

  • Health: 100
  • Movement Speed: 0.40
  • Movement Type: Walking
Magical Spells


Please turn on all “Holiday Creator Features”,  “Additional Modding Capabilities”, and “Creation of Custom Biomes” before playing.  


  • added golem spell
  • added armor spell
  • added rain of terror spell
  • added ring of death spell
  • added ring of life spell
  • added healing spell
  • added bounty spell
  • added settings
  • removed duplicate spells
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