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Anesthetic shader pack for Minecraft PE – Newb Shader which focusing on improving the existing vanilla shader. It will make your game look more aesthetic and realistic, moreover, it doesn’t make ruining the existing gameplay or sacrificing much performance.

Cre: VeteranDev, IG, Discord

Newb Shader

MCPE: It only works for Android and iOS (uses OpenGL ES)
MCBE:  Win10/Xbox Edition not supported (uses Renderdragon engine)
MCPE 1.17.11: A special port for 1.14 is also available.

Features & Changes

Lighting: It’s customized with many subtle details, the light looks more natural soft

Clouds: soft and adapt to the weather like rain. Some parameters can be customized from the settings file.

Sky: look natural with a bright sky that brings the player an aesthetic feel.

Water: Newb Shader gives a calm and relaxing feel, truly light-weight but looks beautiful. Moreover, the color is adapt to biomes and can be customized

Underwater: Has a more bluish foggy view with soft caustics.

Foliage wave: natural wave animation that applies to grass, leaves, vines, and crops. You can also enable more plants from settings

Lantern swing: you might not find in most other shaders, there is a rigid swinging lantern

Depth: there is a smooth foggy layer that blends across the horizon, the misty layer will give more depth to your Minecraft world. You can also tweak the mist as you want.

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Newb Shader v1.1.8

Rain weather: It looks very natural when it’s raining, the cloud becomes thicker, the foliage and lantern start to wave harder. It’s not over, Newb Shader makes the ground begin to get wet and a cold wind blows onto you!

Entities: soft ambient around them and also has other small details like wet reflection.

Color correction: It’s used a common tone mapping method, but it gives the newb shader a different color tone. You can also tweak brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, and try other tone mappings from the setting file.

Sun/Moon: well, what do you think about a 3D-looking vanilla moon, sun?

The sun looks stunningly smooth, but it still keeps the vanilla vibe and even can be rotated!

The moon has all the moon phases with a smooth shading

Other: newb shader with more subtle details and many customization options for you.

Minecraft Shaders

Newb Shader Recommended settings

  • Beautiful sky: on
  • Smooth shading: on
  • Brightness: 100%

How to customize?

  • Using “External Storage” in MCPE settings to access the shader’s settings files. Be careful the shader can fail because you make wrong changes in settings files!
  • Load your Minecraft world
  • Go to home screen and open a file explorer
  • Then navigate to:  /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/NewbShader/shaders/
  • Find the options to customize:
    • …/shaders/glsl/settings/main_settings.h
    • …/shaders/glsl/settings/terrain_settings.h
    • …/shaders/glsl/settings/misc_settings.h
    • …/shaders/glsl/utilities/color.glsl
  • Open it –> using a preferable text editor and make your changes, you should back up file (recommended)
  • Save file and open game
  • See readme.txt for more info
  • Use a file manager/text editor like NMM File Manager/Text Edit (Android)

However, Newb Shader has some drawbacks such as not being slightly realistic, or a bit too bright by default, rain transition is a bit long, night vision not supported, slabs have weird shading

Note from Creator

  • MIT License – check LICENSE in shader’s root directory.
  • Contact author at Discord: VeteranDev#2969
  • The codes are commented for devs interested in checking the codes.


Newb Shader v1.1.8
– Added:
+ More plants to EXTRA_PLANTS_WAVE (1.17) 
+ New underwater detection (1.17) 
– Removed:  bluish mist during rain 
– Changes to water colors 
– Improvements to smooth clouds and sky and grass ambient\
– Some other subtle improvements and bug fixes


  1. Rename file: .mcpack to .zip
  2. Access: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/
  3. Create a new folder named NewbShader
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file to this new folder.


Newb Shader

It has 3 packs for you, which’s the difference between 3 packs?
– NewbShader118 (251.91 KB): this is the standard version
– NewbShaderLite118 is a lighter version with fewer changes
– NewbShader114port is for MCPE 1.14 players

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