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If you are a fan of the tank in Minecraft, don't miss M1A2 Abrams tank addon! It is a realistic tank which has features a fully animated M1A2 and adds custom sounds and particles. That will make you feel interesting!

Cre: MyoHtet, Twitter

M1A2 Abrams Tank Addon

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Let watch M1A2 Abrams tank how to look like in this addon

Here is font of tank view


Mounts 2 different funs:

  •  The main gun
  • The machine gun.

How to M1A2 Abrams Tank shoot

For mobile devices:

  • TAP to use the machinegun
  • PRESS & HOLD to use the main gun

For windows 10:

  • LEFT CLICK to use the machinegun
  • RIGHT CLICK to use the main gun

Other features

  • Fully rotatable turret
  • Suspensions
  • Custom particles
  • Survival friendly and much more!

Now you can use M1A2 to demonstrate of a fully rotatable turret



M1A2 Abrams Tank Addon
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