Peepss Furniture New Era Addon Minecraft V4 (v1.16.210)

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Do you want to try new furniture in Minecraft? Such as a table that you can mold to your taste? Peepss Furniture New Era V4 addon where have a lot of great variations and possibilities that make your house become elegant and modern.

Cre: DDPeepss, Twitter, Youtube

Peepss Furniture New Era Addon

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This addon includes more than 30 pieces of furniture, each one has its own function. Let follow a list of furniture below to get more information this addon


  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Kitchen ountertop
  • Kitchen top cabinet
  • Kitchen lower cabinet
  • Kitchen drawers
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Plate
  • Coffee maker
  • Cutting board
  • Tables (All woods)
  • Chairs (All woods)
  • Jar
  • Bar stool
  • Frying pan (You can only put on the OVEN!)
  • Modern chair
  • Bin


  • Nightstand (All woods)
  • Bedside lamp (small and larger)
  • Wardrobe (3 parts)
  • Air conditioner
  • Bedroom dresser


  • Couch
  • TV (Floor and wall)
  • TV stand


  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Bathroom sink
  • Bath
  • Toilet paper


  • PC gamer
  • Desk table


  • Cradle
  • Creeper toy
  • Teddy bear
  • Drawings (Hearts, day and night)
  • Magic cube


  • Ceiling lamp
  • Doorbell
  • Modern Window (2 types)
  • Shelf
  • Ceiling fan
  • Floor fan
  • Mirror
  • Courtains (16 colors)
  • Swimming pool tile
  • Swimming pool trampoline
  • Light switch
  • Window dressing
  • Windrow dressing (upper)
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  • American fence
  • Eletric fence


  • Cocopalm (logs, planks, trees, saplings…) (Spawns naturally on beaches!)
  • Coconut (Spawns naturally on beaches!)
  • Shells (Spawns naturally on beaches!)

ITEM – Peepss Furniture New Era Addon

  • Knife
  • Toast
  • Remote Control
  • Fry egg
  • Bread Slice
  • Mug
  • Mug with coffee
  • Butter
  • Toast with butter
  • Brush
  • Colorful brush
  • Colorful dye
  • Shirts (8 colors)
  • Short jeans
  • Gamer headset (only on creative)


Shirts (8 colors)

Note from Creator:

  • Credits to LoledBr and Jean Lucas to give me emotional support and code support 🙂
  • If you make a video about this Peepss Furniture New Era Addon you must leave my Twitter and my YouTube channel.
  • Use a direct link will make your youtube channel get a strike!
  • You don’t have the permission to repost this Add-On on other websites!


– Correction of many bugs
– Added printer, gaming desk, microphone, headset support, and more…


Peepss Furniture New Era Addon

or here Peepss Furniture
Musics (Sound Box)

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