Pause and Freeze Time Addon for Minecraft v2.0

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Use Pause and Freeze Time Addon to make the time in your own Minecraft world become more fun. Now you can stop all mobs/entities are moving in your world with two functions: Freeze Time addon and Pause addon

Cre: jesser101 Maps & Addons, Youtube, Twitter

Pause and Freeze Time Addon

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What's different between Freeze and Pause function in this addon?

  • For Freeze Time addon: The player can still interact with the world, but time is frozen
  • For Pause addon: the player will be frozen and cannot interact with the world

Here you can see all Parrot is frozen

How to use this addon

To use Pause and Freeze, you need to use this function to get more information: /function help

Pause and Freeze Time Addon

Feature Pause and Freeze Time Addon

These addon have the same features such as:

  • Nothing grows while freezing time
  • Stays the same time
  • Weather remains the same
  • Natural Regeneration false in freeze time addon (no health healing)

Pause Addon

  • All players are frozen
  • Deleted arrows and Ender pearl entities
  • Players cannot interact with the world and no entities can take damage (ex: can't move, break the block, don't lose health while using the pause function

Freeze time addon

  • Players can still move and interact with the world
  • All entities and mobs are frozen except the player


– At version 2.0, there are added more ways to freeze and pause time (throwing re-named item entities & standing on lime and red concrete)
– TNT/fire doesn't spread and explode when time is frozen


Pause and Freeze Time Addon

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