Gravel Vein Miner Add-on for Minecraft (1.16)

Gravel Vein Miner Add-on is generated to help players who don’t like mining Gravel, one of the most things I hated to mine in Minecraft! Do you think you have the same idea as me?

Cre: ihategravel, Twitter, Youtube

Gravel Vein Miner Mechanics

  • Once this miner is activated, it will destroy a lot of gravel around you
  • When you go to a deposit of gravel underground, the first things you need to do is Sneak, then Break the block you want
  • Please make sure you have an Iron Shovel or something better in order to help you work ( need a shovel or sth is intentional)
  • For the first time you try to vein mine with a Stone or Wooden shovel, you will get a warning to notify of this fact

How does Gravel Vein Miner work?

Following these four steps to activate the addon:

  1. First, you have to Sneak
  2. Second, make sure you are in survival mode!
  3. Then breaking the Gravel block
  4. Using an iron shovel or better for it work

Note: this addon uses the player.json file, so it won’t be compatible with ones that do


– Remade the entire addon, description
– Changed feature image

Minecraft Gun Mod


Gravel Vein Miner

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