M1114 OIF Edition Humvee

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Humvee M1114 Light Protected Vehicle Livecorp created this for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. M1114 OIF Edition Humvee were deployed in Iraq, with some also going to Afghanistan. We are delighted to introduce you!

Cre: LiveCorp (Twitter)

M1114 OIF edition humvee 

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Tire animations, steering!

Door opens and closes!

Sound of a Humvee!

On the rear, a US army caution board appears.

And it's so detailed that it's the same size as an actual Humvee m1114.

However, the turret is currently inoperable. We're in the middle of it.

M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
M1114 OIF Edition Humvee

Some Addons Minecraft PE you can check, it’s available in Mcpeaddons.com:


M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
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It's quite straightforward: right-click/hold the car to open the doors, then right-click/hold the car again to enter and drive it.

The doors will open as you exit the vehicle. To close them, shift/crouch and right click/hold the car!

How to get it

Method 1: Use the Creative Inventory to obtain their spawn eggs. They are referred to as spawn eggs.


1. Do not reupload this addon to third-party sites without my approval.

2. You can modify it but keep it only for yourself.

3. If you are going to make a showcase video of my addon use the MCPEDL link instead of the Mediafire link and give credits to me.

Note if you film videos  with this please make sure to send to me cus I like to watch them and I would share it on my discord



1. Download both the Resource and Behaviour Packs  

2. You will be sent to the Linkvertise redirection page. 

3. When asked to enable notifications, enable them, and disable them after completing the installation of this addon 

4. When asked to read articles, just click on the X button and it will tell you to wait for about 5-10 seconds. 
5. Download the Resource / Behavior Packs 

Once downloaded, click on the files and it will automatically open up Minecraft to start importing the files!

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M1114 OIF Edition Humvee


M1114 OIF Edition Humvee

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M1114 OIF Edition Humvee
M1114 OIF Edition Humvee

Download M1114 OIF Edition Humvee (RP) OR FILE DRIVE

Download M1114 OIF Edition Humvee (BP) OR FILE DRIVE

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