Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon (Christmas Update)

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NPCs (non-player characters) can be added to Minecraft with Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon. Many people use their buddies to participate in Minecraft skits, but with this plugin, you can make Minecraft films more effectively.

Cre: Joey gaming (Youtube, Twitter

Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon

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Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon adds 21 Spawn Eggs or 104 NPCs to Minecraft, with many more to come in future releases.

How do these NPCs work?

Right now there is only 1 type of NPC however many more variants will be added later in updates. The one we will talk about is called the Background NPC

This NPC will have 1 heart of health and won’t walk around, it will look at entities though. The purpose of this NPC is to be a Background Character and to be removed easily.

Here are the current NPCs 

Joey gaming (NOTE: the watermark will not be in the addon)

Some Minecraft addon PE you may be like in

Why should I download this NPC addon when MCPEDL has so many others?

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Why should I download this NPC addon when MCPEDL has so many others?

Our objective is to become the most advanced NPC addon by 2023, and we’ll be doing it with monthly updates that include more NPCs and new features.

There will be two different kinds of updates. Feature Updates and Skin Updates are the two types of updates. Feature Updates provide new functionality to the addon, while Skin Updates simply add more NPCs.

Make a skin for the addon.

Join the Joey gaming Studios Discord server and look for the #npc-texture-submission channel if you want your skin to be included in the addon. Include some information about your skin.

NPC Variants in the Future

Background NPCs are similar to Stationary NPCs, except that they have 10 health, much as regular players.

Roaming NPCs: These NPCs have ten lives, may open and close doors/gates, flee if assaulted, and seek shelter at night.

NPCs who attack hostel mobs and enemy NPCs are known as friendly NPCs.

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NPCs who attack the player and friendly NPCs are known as enemy NPCs.

Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon

Download Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon (Christmas Update) 

Download Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon (Christmas Update) (Drive)

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