Zombie Apocalypse Addon Minecraft PE (v1.2)

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Addon lets you transfer the map’s experience into your own worlds! Defend yourself against swarms of zombies, shop for weapons, utility, abilities, and boosters, or even collaborate with your pals to build a castle! Play survival and live on the edge of your seat as Hordes spawn at any time! You may even use zombies as CHAINSAW ammunition! Custom UI, 3D Weapons, custom zombies, and more are available with this add-on.

Cre: JuliusScizzor (Youtube, Twitter)

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Welcome to the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Addon edition of Apocalypse. The Map’s experience is brought into your own world with this add-on.

Slay zombies to earn Experience Levels, which you can then spend on weapons, utility items, and boosters to help you survive the apocalypse! Oh, and you can use zombies as CHAINSAW ammo.

A bespoke music system is also included in this add-on. The soundtrack changes with the time of day and the number of zombies around. The music can be turned on and off at any time by the World Host.

Credits & Copyrights
This addon is exclusively available on MCPEDL and will not be available elsewhere. Without my (JuliusScizzor’s) permission, it may not be published on any other websites or Minecraft Add-On programs.

All I ask is that you link to my MCPEDL page in your video descriptions and/or link to my YouTube channel if you use this for your content (YouTube videos, etc.).

Without my permission, you are not permitted to alter the code or use any of the assets. It’s fine to learn from the code, but blatant copying isn’t. Please contact me on Discord if you require images for fan-art or other purposes.

Share this map and my videos to show your support!

Special Thanks to:

Discord Community (Testing & Support)

Host system – Zombie Apocalypse

A Host system is included in ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE addon. The World Host will be the first player to join a world with this Add-On enabled.
When they first enter the planet, all players will receive the following items:

  • Full Iron Armour
  • Chainsaw
  • P250 Pistol
  • Personal Menu

The World Host will receive the following additional items:

  • Host Menu
  • Fix item
  • Safehouse
  • Chück Mover

Download Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Zombie Apocalypse Addon


To purchase goods, use your experience levels! Some unique objects, such as Boosters, may need the use of other resources, such as Diamonds or Lapis Lazuli Blocks.

To access the shop menu, simply right-click / tap & hold Chück.

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Hot Menu

Difficulty, Music, Hordes, Display, and more options are available here.
This menu is available from any location. If something goes wrong, try using the fix item.

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Some addons Minecraft PE that maybe make your Minecraft more interested and they are available in Mcpeaddons.com:

Person Menu

Zombie Apocalypse Addon


Chainsaw zombies to instantly kill them are the highlight of this add-on! Ammo is dropped by chainsawing, same like in DOOM:D.
It’s important to note that not all zombies can be chainsawed. However, you may save up for a Chainsaw upgrade so that you can also chainsaw Brutes!

Zombie Apocalypse Addon


The feature of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE addon is chainsaw zombies that can be instantaneously killed! Chainsawing will drop ammo, same like in DOOM:D.
It’s worth noting that not every zombie can be chainsawed. You can, however, save up for a Chainsaw upgrade so you can chainsaw Brutes as well!

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Hordes last 3 minutes or until all zombies in the horde are dead. Sparkle particles envelop the horde zombies.
When you kill a zombie, it drops a particular number of points; the more points you acquire by the end of the horde, the more XP you receive.


The Dück Spawn Egg is made by mixing an egg with yellow dye. Ammunition or armour can be traded.

Zombie Apocalypse Addon
Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Totem Zombies

You can make a Zombie Totem and summon hordes of zombies whenever you want!

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Do you want to have a boss fight? Johnny has the ability to conjure undead and even CHAINSAW YOU. The situation has shifted.

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

Watch Trailer Video!

Try out the map



  • Please add BOTH the Behaviour and Resource packs onto your world!
  • Please also remember to turn on the following Experimental Toggles as shown:
Zombie Apocalypse Addon
mcpeaddons download

Download Zombie Apocalypse Addon 1.2

Download Zombie Apocalypse Addon (Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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