Christmas Seasonal Decorations Addon V2 (TBOI’s)

TBOI’S Christmas seasonal decorations addon added much stuff for decoration like items, costumes, pets, and mounts that are high-quality and vanilla-friendly holiday-themed.

Cre: The Big Onion Institute,

Christmas Seasonal Decorations

This addon is come out to celebrate the festival season with dozens of quality and beautiful Christmas blocks, items, costumes, and much more. In the newest Christmas seasonal decorations addon version, there are some pieces of new stuff added. If you want to get into the spooky spirit, this addon also provides you with some Halloween decorates.

Quick overview:

All of these decorations are made to fit with the base Minecraft game from design to color, style

Christmas seasonal decorations addon will make your world look good outside of the holiday season! If you are looking for more Christmas add-ons, you can also check out other ones in such as Christmas Texture Pack HD Minecraft PE

How to Obtain

There are three ways to obtain the things in Christmas seasonal decorations addon

  • The first way, you can use the “Spawn All items” item included in the creative inventory, this is the easiest way. There will generate two-barrel that includes everything inside
  • The second way for survival mode, you can buy them from a Seasonal Trader or Craft them from a Seasonal Crafting Table.
    • Seasonal Traders are similar to wandering traders, the different point it spawns under certain condition.
    • Halloween traders will spawn at night time so they will not appear during the day.
    • Christmas Traders spawn in cold biomes, a part of obtaining seasonal crafting table which helps craft decoration.

 📌Download Seasonal Decorations Addon V2 .mcaddon

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Christmas Seasonal Decorations: Top snow

Snow block is crafted from Seasonal Crafting or bought from a Trader. Place snow block, it will cover any block beneath like a regular snow cover grass bocks

You can change the shape of snow by clicking/tapping on it to shape the block you want. For example, click on it using a stair block to get it to be the shape of a stair. There are some variants in snow block, you can click multiple times to cycle through each different block type.

It works for Slabs, Stairs, Fences, and Wall

Halloween Decorations

Craft recipes

Note: These things only work at Seasonal Crafting Table


The rare flying mount that you can obtain from Seasonal Traders. Although expensive, it is worth the price to buy. You can control them like a horse except when jumping, they will fly up or down base your look point

To get off, just punch them!

Autumn Trees

There is a new type of tree added in the Christmas Seasonal Decorations addon, their sapling can be bought from the seasonal traders

Effect Blocks and Sound Blocks

The new thing to the Christmas Seasonal Decorations addon is effect blocks and sound blocks. They are toggleable blocks (create sounds and particle effects at their location)

When you interact with them, you can cycle through their different states to achieve the desired effect. Do you want to establish a spooky mood for your build? And don’t forget to check out Fog machines!

👉 If you are looking Christmas-themed, don’t miss these addons in MC AddOns:


– Fixed: minor performance problems when spawning many nutcrackers.
– Updated various item sprites.


mcpeaddons download

Christmas Seasonal Decorations Addon V2 or here (gg drive)
Download Showcase worlds .zip

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