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Welcome to Agricultural Satisfaction! An add-on that rewrites the entire farming mechanic, by making it a big aspect of the game. Agricultural Satisfaction Beta 3 adds rewards and challenges to such mechanics, making it a worthwhile and beneficial part of the game. This add-on is currently in beta, so a lot of stuff here may change or be entirely removed in the future.

Creator: ExDrill (Youtube, Twitter)

Agricultural Satisfaction Beta 3

New Crop

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Tomatoes are the new crop of this add-on! You can start a farm of these by collecting them within plains villages.

  • Tomato crop has grown its final stage
  • Drop: 1-2 Tomatoes
  • Give good saturation and 2 hunger points
  • Craft tomato soup: 3 tomatoes + a bowl (can stack up to 16)


  • Avocado can be obtained by the Farmer Villager
  • Drop: 3-4 avocados
  • To replant them, you must make a pit out of them in a crafting table
  • Use at creating Bread with Avocado

New Entity


  • Butterflies are a ambient mod, they don’t do much
  • Can really decorate a build by just existing
  • Has 4 variants:
    • Blue Morpho
    • Red Admiral
    • Monarch
    • Swallowtail
  • You can bottle them up for later use in builds or just collection


  • Is a helpful entity
  • Spawn: taiga biomes when it’s raining
  • Be sure to bottle them up since they’re wuite rare to find and aren’t breedable
  • Worms can eat up dirt and turn it into Rich Soil

Beetroot Buddy

New Equipment: Farmer Hat

The farmer’s hat is a new item that allows you to look like a farmer, the item can be obtained by farmers for 5 emeralds. the item’s only use at the moment is the ability to harvest honey/honeycomb for bee neat and bee hives without the use of having a campfire underneath. Although still be careful, hitting them still results in them attacking you!

New Block and Farming Mechanic

Rich Soil

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Rich Soil is obtained when Worms eat up and produce the block from Coarse Dirt. It can be used for decoration. But its more important use is the ability to create the Planter Box

Planter Box

Planter Boxes are very helpful for anyone trying to get into farming, they’re made with 5 planks and 1 block of rich soil. They use it to give more produce when you harvest the crop, you can even plant vanilla crops on them! you can’t plant melons or pumpkins though, since they are different than the standard.

New Food Items

There are all sorts of new food items to craft. They’re all pretty balanced out in eating times, saturation and nutrition. Be sure to collect them all

Known Issues:

  • All crops except for melons and pumpkins stick to fences, there is nothing I can’t do with this as they’re custom versions of vanilla crops
  • Bees will not pollinate any crop except for melons and pumpkins, but I plan on doing a “usefulness trade” by gibing them more uses later down the road
  • Farmer villagers cannot harvest any crops, so to breed villagers with this pack, you will just need to give them food

Additional Information

  • Turn on Holiday Creator Features, Upcoming Creator Features, Experimental Mojang Features for this add-on
  • Agricultural Satisfaction edits the bee.json and villager_v2.json files. So if you plan on making an modpack or playing multiple add-ons, please be aware of this
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