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Hardcore Lucky block is an add-on to the next level. It will bring a mix of emotions to players when they find something that they don’t know what will happen inside the Lucky Block!!!

Cre: Fallen Gotham, Twitter

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Since the player breaks the block, there is something horrible will happens at that moment from explosions to monster spawning

How does Hardcore Lucky Block work?

It replaces by the Pig. It looks strange but also quite like a block and contains many surprise things insides. You can find them spawning naturally in the world or use a Pig spawn egg to spawn one

Yes, you never really know what will happen next once you come across Hardcore lucky block. Maybe something bad happens such as evil mobs spawning, or an explosion

Even lingering potion effect. In this case, I recommend you should keep some weapon on you before destroying these blocks

Don’t worry, there something good will happens. Here you can see a bunch of the diamond items spawned


Behavior .McPack or here (gg drive)
Resource .McPack or here (gg drive)

Lucky Block Addon .Zip

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[…] If you like our Quarry Add-On, you can also check our Hardcore Lucky Block Addon; Lucky Block […]

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