Hardcore Lucky Block Addon for MCPE

Hardcore Lucky block is an add-on to the next level. It will bring a mix of emotions to players when they find something that they don’t know what will happen inside the Lucky Block!!! Cre: Fallen Gotham, Twitter Since the player breaks the block, there is something horrible will happens at that moment from explosions to … Read more

Lucky Block Race [Minigame] (Addon!) Minecraft Pe

This Lucky Block Race map is a fun multiplayer minigame. At there, the player needs to run through a course, destroy lucky blocks on the way and you will get something that you can’t guess Cre: Party Squad (Lucky Block Addon by Sprintermax, Twitter) How to play Lucky Block Race? You and your friends (2-4 players) now can … Read more

Lucky Block Addon Minecraft Pe

Lucky Block addon has added to Minecraft. A bunch of the items will drop randomly when you destroy luck blocks such as diamonds, dirt, emerald, gold, bedrock, armor or dragon egg, even enchanted apples Cre: @8Fernancraft, @TInfiniteMinds Get 15 different random items by destroying luck blocks. How to create Luck Blocks? To obtain or create … Read more

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