Jeep Addon for Minecraft

Get your own Jeep with diesel-based, listen to the sounds of the mobs under the wheel. Crunch, crunch, crunchy… What do you think of owning a Jeep in Minecraft? That’s so cooooool with this Jeep addon. You just need to drop the car in the yard or road as you like and choose the color – get ready to spend those Emeralds!!

Cre: mno, Twitter, Youtube

General Information Jeep Addon

This addon is pretty tough, a bit OP for survival but a lot of fun to play. There are 2 models Jeep that you can explore



It’s better for ride-sharing

They will drive over most hostile mobs (monster) and leave non-hostile mobs

How to obtain a Jeep addon?

Let follow 5 steps below to obtain a jeep car

  1. Create a Jeep Repair Kit
  2. Go to a jungle at night time.
  3. Search for a Jeep wreck
  4. Search more for a Jeep wreck
  5. Use a Jeep Repair Kit to repair that Jeep

Jeep Repair Kit recipe

Redstone block, netherite pickaxe (2), iron block (2) netherite block, smooth stone (3).

Jeep wrecks

Note from creator:

To the awesome youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you!
Please link back to on mcpedl. Cheers!


– The jeeps are no longer indestructible!
– Changed a few other cosmetic changes, models, textures


Jeep Addon

jeep.v4.mcaddon (mediafire)

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