Quarry Block AddOn for Minecraft Pe

Quarry block addon with a new block that extracts ores like a Diamond, Iron, Coal, Gold, Redstone, Emerald,… Even everything that you can found like stone, obsidian, or dirt, etc. The machine is not nuanced by lava and water in this addon

Cre: Effect99MC, Youtube, Twitter

How does quarry block works?

  • Firstly, break the quarry block and a stone platform and yellow block structure, it will automatically be created around the area
  • The hoppers will be added, that is the place all the items found in the excavation and they will fall
  • After breaking the quarry block:
    • Placing a Coal Block on the Red Block on the left side
    • Then all the blocks within the digging radius will slowly break
    • It will stop when they reach the Bedrock where the machine finish the digging

There have stairs to the side of the dig that makes players can easily go down

If you want to the excavation finish before reaching the bedrock, just break the Redstone Block next to the excavation!
If you want to stop digging for a moment, just break the Coal Block

The Quarry Block addon has 4 blocks with different sizes: explosive quarry block – large quarry block – medium quarry block – small quarry block

Crafting Quarry Block

Note from Creator

It’s no longer necessary to activate Experimental Mode in the latest official version of Minecraft.

It is not recommended to use Quarry addon in beta versions of Minecraft.


– You need a Bock of Coal as Fuel
– The structures generated by the Quarry Blocks were changed


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