School Equipment Addon

You may get typical things used in schools by purchasing the School Equipment Addon. Enjoy using an animated laptop, printer, locker, projector, and other devices to play and learn with Minecraft.

Cre: Heavenly Craft PE (Youtube, Twitter)

School Equipment Addon

While on home quarantine, you can now use this addon to reminisce your schooldays. Our academic year at school is almost over! On a typical day, we would likely be attending school and immediately following it by hanging out with friends to add color to our life.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

There are 19 items in this addon:

  • Teacher’s Chair
  • Student’s Chair
  • Swivel Chair
  • Air Conditioner
  • 2 in 1 Green and White Board
  • Stack of books
    – serves as design
  • Teacher’s Table
    – has inventory
School Equipment Addon
  • Student’s Table
  •     – has inventory

• Study Table           

    – has two textures
    – has inventory

• Study Table Set
    – has inventory

• Room Shelf
    – has inventory

School Equipment Addon

• Locker
    – has inventory

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

• Table lamp

    – can be switched on/off

School Equipment Addon

• Ceiling Mounted Projector

    – works fully and displays educational info
    – advisable to place on ceilings 4-5 blocks high

• Laptop

    – has an opening and closing animation

School Equipment Addon

• Printer
    – fully animated

• The Cube (from the latest update, scroll down for more info)


I made a merge of these two:

• Teacher’s Table and Chair

• Student’s Table and Chair

to avoid lagging when too many entities are placed in the same place.

you can sit on all the chairs even with the ones merged with a table

Here is a video that shows you all the equipment (from the first release):

Some Minecraft Addons PE from Heavenly Craft PE you can check in

I only have a vague idea for this before so thanks to a subscriber on my YT Channel for suggesting a detailed description of what items to put.

Although it now only represents a room, I am also using this addon to create a map of a school. Look at this:

School Equipment Addon
School Equipment Addon


Version 1.0.7 – Click here to watch the youtube shorts School Equipment update!

The added animated printer:

  • Lights up when switched on
  • Right click or press “Open Printer” to start the printer and begin printing
  • You can force shutdown the printer even while it’s still printing by crouching and it will close right away.
School Equipment Addon

The animated locker:

  • Right click or press “Open Locker” to open a single locker compartment
  • Crouch then right click or press “Open All Lockers” to open all the locker compartment

School Equipment Addon

See the video on the text link for more reference on these two!

“The Cube” 

The cube represents the Earth like a globe would in the actual world. But because you’re in Minecraft, everything is square. (Details can be found in the changelog)

School Equipment Addon
School Equipment addon

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This work is original. 

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The Cube is added!
How to use the cube:

  • To spin it around: Right-click on your mouse or press the interactive button
  • To make it glow in the dark: Crouch then right-click on your mouse or press the interactive button again
  • You also have the option to stop it from spinning


How to download in linkvertise:

1. Click “Free Access with Ads” in the black tab at the center of the page.

2. Complete the steps. If you are asked to:

– Discover Articles. Just click on it. A number of articles will be shown–you do not have to click them. You can just click the “X” button and wait for a few seconds

3. Click “Continue” once you have finished the steps and you will be automatically redirected to the file.

School Equipment Addon

Download School Equipment Addon (B) v1-0-9 (Linkvertise) or Download Link backup

Download School Equipment Addon(R) v1-0-9 (Linkvertise) or Link backup

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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