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Glazinpack is a new resource pack inspired by the original “MazinPack”. It includes a lot of improvement from the original while sticking to its theme.

Creator: Lolmarkdude2 (Twitter)


Glazinpack is an 8×8 simplistic resource pack for Minecraft BE. It consists of entities, user interfaces, custom models, and of course, giant man-eating robot textures.

Minecraft Shaders

Note: I used shader for all screenshots below, so it doesn’t look as same as the original

Minecraft Shaders

Current Version

  • Version 0.7.4


  • Textured old textured items (armor stand, fireworks, horse armors,…)
  • Textured Dripstone, Lodestone, Respawn Anchor, Glow roots(lichen?) can be found in caves
  • Rose bushes, sunflowers, and other two-block tall greenery have been textures
  • All block textured
  • All items textured
  • All armor textured
mcpeaddons download

Some texture you may be like in

Minecraft Shaders

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