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Autumn colors will be added to your Minecraft world! This easy mod adds gorgeous fall colors to the foliage of Oak, Dark Oak, Birch, Acacia, and Azalea plants (yellow, orange, red, purple, etc).

Cre: Bluskale

Fall Colors

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Add a touch of fall to your Minecraft world! The customary green foliage of most trees is replaced with brilliant fall colors roughly based on true fall colors for each tree species in this simple texture pack (jungle and spruce excluded). Each tree's foliage blocks will have 4-5 different color variations, giving trees a more authentic fall color blend. Because different types of trees highlight different hues and degrees of color variation, woods will all have their own distinct appearance.

Because this mod only affects a few textures, it has no effect on achievements. Please note that with these textures activated, biome foliage shading will be disabled.

Overview of new foliage appearances:

Fall Colors

Oak and birch forest:

Acacia trees:

Birch and dark oak trees:

Oak and jungle trees:

Birch and dark oak spruce trees:

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Some texture packs Minecraft PE you maybe like in Mcpeaddons.com, it make your Minecraft world more beautiful: 


More examples from natural woods have been added to show how changes appear in-game.


Download Texture (Mediafire)

Download Texture(Drive) 

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